Tips for a Live Room Event

Things to know for events:

Before the Event

  1. Prepare your decks, speakers’ decks and videos in advance. Upload them to the room and add to your playlist. If speakers have videos to show, make sure you ask them and add these videos to the file folder in the room in advance! 
  2. Prepare polls in advance - Ask your speakers if they’d like to do a poll/quiz with the audience (they’ll have ideas), or come up with them yourself. 
    Add the quizzes to your playlist in advance so you won’t forget about them!

  3. Make sure your room is set to Webinar mode.

  4. Upload the slides within this folder to your room file folder. Very handy!

  5. Prepare your speakers and participants:Send them an email or notification to:
    1. Make sure you join from a desktop computer, and not from your phone
    2. Make sure to join from an updated version of Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers
  1. Cool tip: Create an MP4 file with one slide + cool music - You can play that as participants join the online event, to make it feel cooler. (How? Create a slide on Google Slides or Power Point, find free music on YouTube, put them both into iMovie and export as an mp4 file.)

  2. IMPORTANT TIP: Got more than 30 participants? Check where are the speakers joining from (US, Europe, Asia etc). Make sure that the first person to open the room is joining from the same continent as most of the speakers.
    Example: If most of the speakers are connecting from the U.S., the first Admin to open the room right before the event, should also be based in the U.S. 

During the Event

  1. If needed, share the slides from this folder with participants, so they will activate their camera and mic. 

  2. If using webinar, explain to participants that they can participate via the chat or by raising their hand. 

  3. Don’t forget the chat! Have someone from your team answer questions there.

  4. Want to let people ask questions “live”? Click on their “LIVE” button.

  5. Presenting a slide deck? Make sure the presenter’s camera is “up top” - like so:


After the Event

  1. Check out your “session stats” to find out who joined. Send everyone a follow up email!

  2. Check out the chat history to see if you missed any questions.

  3. Check the poll results and maybe share them again with participants! 

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