Best Practices

Tips For Getting Started With Kaltura Meetings

03/23/2020Lior Benderski
Here are some tips to increase the success of your Kaltura Meetings Experience: Close any unnecessary tabs or applications. Set up your computer or device close to your internet router. Use a stable internet connection & avoid shared routers...

Connecting as Participants or Students

03/10/2020Debbie Zioni
This article describes the steps a student or participant should take to connect in to a Kaltura Live Room successfully. Preparing to Enter Kaltura Before a student or participant enters a Kaltura Live Room before their live class, they s...

Select Your Room Mode - Live Rooms

03/26/2020Lior Benderski
There are 2 class modes. Decide which mode suits your meeting needs.  Standard room (previously Virtual Classroom mode) - Each participant automatically joins the room as an “active" participant with the ability to turn on their c...

Room Management Tips

03/26/2020Lior Benderski
Here are some tips to help moderators manage their rooms: Tips for Standard  room Mode and for Large room Mode When working in the Virtual Classroom Mode When there are many active participants and the conversation is difficult to ha...

Want to Ask Something?

04/30/2020Lior Bukshpan
To ask a question, use the Raise Hand icon.

Microphone or Webcam Not Working?

04/30/2020Lior Bukshpan
Follow the steps in this graphic:

Want to Activate Your Microphone or Webcam in Large room Mode?

04/30/2020Lior Bukshpan
Follow the steps in the following illustration:

Tips for a Live Room Event

04/30/2020Lior Bukshpan
Things to know for events: Before the Event Prepare your decks, speakers’ decks and videos in advance. Upload them to the room and add to your playlist. If speakers have videos to show, make sure you ask them and add these videos to t...