Video Conference Integration with Microsoft Teams

This guide is intended for producers that create and configure Kaltura Townhalls (Webcasting) in conjunction with Microsoft Teams and for users that are using Kaltura Webcasting Self-serve serve with Microsoft Teams.

Overview of Kaltura Townhalls Integration with Microsoft Teams

11/02/2020Debbie Zioni
The Kaltura Townhalls (Webcasting) integration with Microsoft Teams, supports large-scale webcasting events with multiple presenters and in multiple locations, and allows to manage Microsoft Teams meeting recordings at scale. This guide describes th...

Turning on NDI® Technology in Microsoft Teams

11/02/2020Debbie Zioni
NDI® (Network Device Interface) technology allows you to broadcast the audio and video streams from a Microsoft Teams meeting to Kaltura. When using NewTek NDI® technology in a Microsoft Teams meeting, all the available video streams from th...

Microsoft Teams/Kaltura Townhalls - Live Broadcasting Configuration Using a Third-party Encoder

11/02/2020Debbie Zioni
This article is intended for the event producer. OBS is used as the sample Live Encoder. Kaltura Townhalls/Webcasting Create a Townhall /Webcast event.  See Creating a Webcasting Event . Obtain the Live Stream Details Parameters (RTMP Prim...

Configuring Microsoft Teams Meetings with Kaltura Townhalls Self-serve

11/02/2020Debbie Zioni
The option to broadcast live from a  Microsoft Teams meeting to Kaltura Townhalls (Webcasting) without an external coder is also available. This option gives end-users without encoders the capability to broadcast live from a Microsoft Teams mee...