You can add static/content pages to your MediaSpace site. Static pages can be used, for example, to create help pages, privacy policies etc. From the KMS Admin, enable theStaticpagesmodule. After you enable the module, you can add multiple pages to your site. Each page should include:



Module Info


Create custom static pages in KMS.


It is best to useBootstrapcss classes in the markup.

custom styling

Use inline styles, or consider using thecssuploadModule.


Enable the Staticpages module.


The title of your page to display as the page header


What is theuniquesemanticslugfor your page? (e.g.www.yourvideoportal/<slug>) The unique identifier for the page to be accessed as a URL. For example, if you provide 'privacy' as a slug, you can add links to your static page as [MediaSpace URL]/privacy. You can add these links in Navigation or Headermenu modules or anywhere you want to include links to your pages within the MediaSpace site.


Select the minimum role allowed that can access this page. Set as anonymousRole to keep this page public.Use the “guest override” field to allow anonymous users to access to static pages even if anonymous is turned of in KMS. 


What is the content of this page? You can use HTML and Bootstrap.

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