Is Mathjax supported on quizzes?

02/06/2021Jennifer Harris
Yes. Mathjax, a JavaScript display engine for mathematics, is supported on quizzes and is enabled by the Kaltura Customer Success team. Mathjax allows embedding mathematical equations in quizzes by using the LaTeX tool syntax on imported quizzes. S...

Is There a Built-In Scheduling Tool For Quizzes?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
No. Virtual Classroom does not have a built-in scheduling tool for quizzes.

Is There a Way For Students and Teachers To See Test Grades In a Virtual Classroom?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
Virtual Classrooms do not currently have a space for students to see their old scores, however, as a teacher, you can see the results and share them with your students. See Review Quiz Results . ...

How Many Answers Can Be Added To Each Question In a Quiz?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
Six answers can be added to each question in a quiz. 

How Many Quiz Questions Can Be Added To a Single Quiz?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
50 quiz questions can be added to a single quiz.

Can I Make Quiz Results Anonymous?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
No. Every quiz result will be assigned to a user's name and email.