Is Your Webcam or Microphone Blocked by your Browser in your Kaltura Live Room?

If you have problems connecting your microphone or headset, and don't see your device appear in the system settings ⚙️, here are a few things to try.

1. Double Check Physical Connection

If your microphone still is not working after checking your settings and making sure necessary drivers are installed/updated, double check it is securely connected to your computer. If the connection is loose, it may not work even if it appears to be plugged in. Pull out the cable—whether it is an audio jack or USB cable—and plug it back in securely.

2. Check your Computer Settings

If you do not see your microphone or headset appear in your computer settings, the virtual classroom will not be able to access them.

Check Windows 10 Microphone Options
1. Head to Settings > Privacy > Microphone.
2. Check that it says “Microphone access for this device is on” at the top of the window.
3. If Windows says microphone access is off, click the “Change” button and set it to “On.”
4. If access is off, Windows and all applications on your system can’t access audio from your microphone.

Check Mac Microphone Options
1. Head to System Settings > Sound.
2. Click INPUT tab. Make sure your microphone of choice is selected.
3. Click OUTPUT tab.  Make sure your device of choice is selected.  
4. If you don't see your device, it's either not properly connected or not being read by your computer.

3. USB vs Auxiliary Microphone?

Plugging in a USB microphone headset into a PC or Mac (pictured on right) should take care of both your audio output (the sound you will hear) and microphone in one device. Please note:
  • Macs strictly support USB microphones. 
  • A PC offers the option of connecting an auxiliary microphone or a USB microphone.*   

*💡Beware that plugging in an auxiliary microphone headset (pictured on left) into your PC does not necessarily mean you are actually connecting your microphone. The port on your computer might not be a dual port (both input/output in one port) but strictly a single port that only sends out sound to your headset. 

4. Update or Install Audio Drivers

If your device still does not appear in your computer's system settings or appears but still does not work, you might need to install a new driver.  Drivers are often installed and updated automatically.  But sometimes they are not, which can be the cause of why your microphone is not working. 
  1. Go to the website of your computer's website
  2. Install the latest sound drivers available
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