Participants, Notes & Chat

Can I make the chat bigger or pop out?

01/03/2021Danny Swibel
 You cannot make the chat pop out. You can only make the chat bigger by clicking on the X above the participant list, playlist, and/or notes to hide them.

What is Attention % and Browser Focus?

04/19/2020Lior Bukshpan
Attention % is a value returned based on overall percentage of time the participant was focused on the session while they were joined.  Browser Focus provides Instructors and Moderators real time alerts when a participant is looking away from ...

Can a Participant Indicate When He/She Is Asking a Question To the Host?

04/19/2020Lior Bukshpan
Yes. In the Chat a participant can click the ‘?’ icon before typing. This indicates that they are asking a question to the Host.  ...

Are the Meeting Notes For the Virtual Classroom Saved?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
Yes, the meeting notes are automatically saved and editable. They can also be downloaded as a branded PDF asset.

Are Chats Saved For a Virtual Classroom Session?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
Chat history is saved inside the live room and are provided as part of after session statistics as well. Only the last 20 messages are saved in the room and in the session statistics. There is also an option to clear the chat after each session. ...

What Are Notes?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
Notes are general notes that are in a broadcast mode, meaning they are available to all participants during the meeting/class. ...

Can I Hide Participant List Attendees?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
Yes. You can hide the participant list by clicking on the Participants button.  This action will only hide the participant list inside your private live room user interface.

Can I Turn Off Features (Participant List/Chat/Notes) By a Default Profile?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
Yes. Those tools may be hidden via API. For more information, please contact your Kaltura representative.

Is There a Separate Chat For Moderator Only?

04/01/2020Lior Bukshpan
Yes. There is a Moderator chat (the third to the right) for moderators to chat among themselves. ...