Overview of the Brand3D Integration with Kaltura MediaSpace

The 3D Creator Module allows users to quickly upload, edit, and create 3D content in MediaSpace.

The Module is composed of 4 elements:

  1. A MediaSpace Integration Component that activates the Module.
  2. A Configurator Component that allows users to enrich videos with 3D overlays.
  3. A 3D Library Component that allows users to upload and manage 3D objects.
  4. An Editor Component that allows users to fine tune and modify 3D objects.

Current Limitations

The module allows the upload and editing of 3D models directly in MediaSpace. Currently the formats supported for upload are .OBJ (the most common legacy format) and .GLTF (GL Transfer Format, which is promoted by all leading Internet companies and authorities in the Kronos Group Initiative for 3D on the Internet.) Other formats are supported through export and conversion utilities readily available for free (see https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF for examples). 

Please also note that 3D overlays of models and the execution of interactions can be initiated through the module directly, while additional animations will be added later as part of the road map agreed upon with Kaltura. Currently this requires access to additional tools from Brand3D that are external to the Kaltura platform.

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