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This article explains how to Mute All participants and breaks down the device hierarchy regarding participant and Room Moderator/Instructor

  • When participants enable devices when joining a live session, they are allowing the broadcasting of their webcam and microphone.  Instructors/moderators can block access to their devices.
  • When participants disable devices when joining a live session, the Room Manager/Moderator cannot force them on to be seen or heard. Participants own their devices.
  • Instructors/Moderators can Mute All webcams or microphones of participants in the live session.

Mute-All Modes 

The room can be configured to work in one of two "Mute-All" modes under Settings - Room Mode.

  • In the "Standard Mute-All" mode, moderators, as well as other users (depending on the room's settings) can use the "Mute-All" button in the participant's list to mute everyone but themselves. Muted users can immediately unmute themselves after being muted.
  • In the "Strong Mute-All" mode, only Instructors or moderators can mute all the participants.  Once muted, users cannot unmute themselves.

Hard Mute-All/Moderate With Quick Controls

Mute-All Webcams/Mute All Microphones 

Instructors/Moderators can Mute All devices of participants in the live session to control the environment of the live class. If an instructor/moderator wishes to mute all microphones or webcams, they can:
  1. Click on the Mute All Webcams or Mute All Microphones icon in the participant list.
  2. To unmute, click the Mute All webcams or Mute All microphones icon again.
💡To unmute individuals, while keeping everyone else muted, click the camera/microphone icon under an individual participant's name.

Due to privacy considerations, one can't force enabling the other's camera or microphone devices. Hence, once the instructor/moderator unmute the participant's webcam or microphones they will need to unmute themselves as well before they can be seen or heard respectively.

When Participants Enable Devices

1. If a participant chooses to enable/activate their webcam and microphone in the upper bar to be broadcasted.
2.The Instructor has the ability to block these devices from broadcasting by clicking them off in the Participant List . 
3. The participant can only broadcast again if the Instructor clicks on their devices to unmute them.  

💡The participant can click the Raise Hand icon  to get the Room Manager's attention that they want to speak and request to be unmuted. 

When Participants Disable Devices

1. If a participant chooses to disable or deactivate their webcam and microphone...
2. The Instructor does NOT have the ability to affect the participant whatsoever.  The participant's devices appear grayed out to the Room Manager. Therefore, the Instructor cannot click off and block devices from broadcasting as before, NOR force the devices on to be broadcast. 
3. The participant can only broadcast again if they themselves click on their devices in the top bar to unmute themselves.  

Mute Whiteboards/Mute Room Chat

Instructors/Moderators can Mute the ability to work on the whiteboard or write in the room chat for everyone.  If an instructor/moderator wishes to mute the whiteboard or room chat, they must:
  1. Click on the Disable Whiteboard or Disable Chat icon in the participant list.
  2. Click on the Disable Whiteboard or Disable Chat icon again to enable them. 

To allow Individuals to Draw on Whiteboard/Write in Chat, while everyone else remains disabled:
  1. Click the drop-down menu next to their name.
  2. Click More Permissions under the individual participant's name.
  3. Click Draw On Whiteboard or Room Chat.
💡Those individuals will be able to engage in the room chat and draw on the whiteboard while the rest of the participants in the session still have the whiteboard and chat disabled. 

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