Managing Your MediaSpace


Who can upload content to MediaSpace?
A user with an application role of privateOnlyRole and higher (adminRole, unmoderatedAdminRole) can upload content to MediaSpace.
Who can access MediaSpace?
Only users who are authenticated and authorized by your system's administrators can access MediaSpace. Users who are not authenticated by your systems are denied access to MediaSpace and are not able to log in.
Who can view categories?
By default, categories can be accessed by all authorized users. When Anonymous mode is enabled, open categories can also be viewed by anonymous users.
How does a user become a manager?
A user can become a manager in the following ways: The End-User Entitlements CSV includes fields for assigning a manager, contributors, and member permissions for each user and channel. An authorized user who creates a channel is assigned as the ...
How does a user join a Channel?
An end user cannot join a channel. The System Administrator or channel manager must authorize the user. An authenticated user can access channels that are Open or Restricted.
Who can create a channel?
A user with a role that is defined as a channel creator can create a channel. You define the user roles that can create a channel. See Setting Permissions for Creating a MediaSpace Channel . ...
What user details are stored in Kaltura?
The user’s identifier, Application Role, and first and last names (optional but recommended) must be stored in Kaltura. After the user logs into MediaSpace for the first time, administrators can view and manage the user record on the User Mana...
When a KMS admin has KMS asset URL links configured to use the whole asset title (not the entry ID only), what happens when the KMS admin or KMS user edits the asset's title?
The asset title is only there for SEO/readability and is not required for KMS to find and load the entry. You can remove the title completely, or put any arbitrary text there. As long as the entry ID is in the right place, the link will work correct...
What should be the typical/default privacy level required for channels of each type?
See Organizational Strategy for MediaSpace Entitlements . 
What changes in your organization should require an update to user permissions?
See Organizational Strategy for MediaSpace Entitlements . 
How to upload users to MediaSpace in bulk
For provisioning, updating, or deleting a large number of end user accounts in Kaltura, please use the End-Users CSV template. Please refer to the following articles for additional details:  End Users CSV Usage and Schema Description How to...
Why entitlements are restricted to individuals and are not set to organizational units/groups?
The MediaSpace user flows for determining user’s entitlements to content and categories are best supported when permissions are set to individuals and indexed in Kaltura. The internal indexing of content by its individual end user permissions ...