Managing Media

What is the delete policy for Kaltura entries?

08/20/2019Tal Binder
In a SaaS environment, data is deleted within a week or less. In an OnPrem environment, when an entry is deleted in the KMC, or any other front-end application, nothing happens to the file assets. The entry is just marked as "deleted" i...

How to upload and modify related files?

08/20/2019Leetal Elitzur
You can attach files (documents, media) to your entries. Uploaded files will not create new entries, but will receive a unique Kaltura Asset ID.  Use the Related Files tab to upload files associated to entries. Related files are not stored wit...

What is the business logic behind Related Media in Kaltura MediaSpace?

03/18/2020Jennifer Harris
The Related videos functionality is activated by setting the Related configuration module in the KMS Management Console. Related media are displayed on the entry page in KMS after it is enabled and configured by the KMS system administrator. The max...