March 2015 Release Notes - SharePoint

Version 1.0

These release notes pertain to the Kaltura Video Extension for SharePoint 2013 for Microsoft Office 365 and Kaltura On-Premise,  released March 2015. These release notes are intended for content managers and SharePolint users and administrators and also contain the latest information for developers, integrators, and operations and site administrators using the Kaltura platform. 

What's New in this Release?

This version of Kaltura Video Extension for SharePoint 2013 includes the following functionality:

  • My Media – An App/web part that exposes users’ personal repository of media they own, manage and edit.
  • Media Gallery – An App/web part that creates a collection of media associated with a certain site or sub-site. Media can be viewed, shared and added.
  • BSE (Browse Search and Embed) – An App/web part that enables users to browse media from available repositories, search for media and embed media in pages.
  • Integrated Search (for SP13 On-Premise only) - a connector that enable SharePoint to crawl the videos and surface it as integral part of search results, seamlessly to the user.

Known Issues

Troubleshooting and Important Notes!

  1. The root category in the KAF admin configuration must be named "Sharepoint".
  2. The app/cab that was downloaded from the KAF admin to install the Kaltura Video Extension in SharePoint contains metadata: profiles ids, root category name, admin secret, server url, and partner ids. If the metadata was changed in the KAF admin, and the app/cab was not re-deployed in the SharePoint environment, it is possible you' may encounter unexpected issues.
  3. The Kaltura Video Extension for SharePoint only works with the new Browse Search and Embed (BSE) module in KAF. Be certain that it is enabled. The UiConf is found in KAF admin Browseandembed module. If during run-time the old Browse Search and Embed UI is displayed, you are probably missing a metadata profile. Workaround: Try disabling the new BSE UI and enable it again.
  4. The Kaltura Video Extension for SharePoint should not have the Publish action available from the My Media/entry page. If it is there, it may cause issues. Make sure that the manPublish field is disabled (both in the Hosted and Publish modules in the KAF admin). 
  5. For SharePoint developers: SharePoint embedding works with a unique id that is sent from SharePoint to KAF and its value is saved on the entry. If after embedding an entry and refreshing the page, the  BSE UI is displayed instead of the embedded entry, the unique id was either not sent properly or not saved. Workaround: Try checking the entry's metadata in the KMC to see if the value is there. If not, check if the value is sent from SharePoint when loading the page, or when trying to embed the media.
  6. The search connector (our WSP code) is currently not supporting proxy.
  7. It was noticed that in some cases when the Kaltura feature is activated, it is not working properly. Once clearing the existing objects and re-activating it works well. Try this if you encounter any problems.

Tested Browsers

The following browsers were tested for this release (recommended resolution 1024x768): 

  • Microsoft Windows 7,8, 8.1: Internet Explorer 10 and 11; latest versions of Safari (8.0.2 and up), Chrome (40.0.2214.115 and up), and Firefox (35.0.1 and up)
  • Mac 10.7 and up: Latest versions of Safari (8.0.2 and up) and Chrome (40.0.2214.115 and up)
  • iOS 8 and up
  • Android 4.2 and up
  • Kaltura widgets in mobile browser - When opening SP13 in mobile browser, Kaltura widget and player (being HTML5 and responsive design) were verified to be working but not fully tested.
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