Unable To Use FaceTime Camera and Microphone Without Permission on iOS

05/20/2020Tal Binder
By default, macOS Mojave's security and privacy policy prevents all apps using its AVFoundation API from getting microphone or camera data without the user's explicit consent. Kaltura Capture uses AVFoundation API, therefore the user must en...

Can I Save the Kaltura Capture Recording Locally On My Computer?

05/07/2020Tal Binder
 Yes. You can save the Kaltura Capture recordings locally on your computer. You may find the recordings in the following locations: Windows C:\Users\<YOUR_USER_NAME>\AppData\Local\Kaltura\Capture\Recordings Mac /Users/<YOUR_USER...

Is Kaltura Capture Supported on Mobile or Tablet?

05/07/2020Tal Binder
Currently, Kaltura Capture is not supported on mobile or tablet.

How to Collect and Upload the Kaltura Capture Logs

05/07/2020Tal Binder
Traffic logs help identify cause(s) of technical issues. This article describes how to collect and upload traffic logs for Kaltura Capture.  It is important to obtain logs close to the occurrence, as the log folder may be updated with new log...

How to Stop Kaltura Capture From Launching Automatically Upon Startup

05/07/2020Tal Binder
Stopping the Kaltura Capture application from launching automatically upon startup is done via the computer’s system settings. To stop programs from launching automatically when logging into Windows or Mac OS, refer to the following online gu...

How To Enable the Kaltura Capture Security Setting On iOS

02/12/2020Tal Binder
This article describes how to enable the Kaltura Capture security setting on iOS. Symptoms :  The screen error "Failed to stop recording. Please try again." is displayed when attempting to stop the recording. Cause: Kaltura ...