July 2014 Release Notes - Jive

Version 1.1

These release notes pertain to the Kaltura Video Plugin for Jive, V1.1, released July, 2014, KAF version 5.9.55

Known Issues



Planned Fix date


The player's skin doesn't change on Browse Search and Embed preview screenUploaded to Production on Aug 10


The big play button on the player doesn't play on Android mobileUploaded to Production on Aug 24


The select button in embeding media page is cut on iphone mobileUploaded to Production on Aug 24


Full screen in Browse Search and Embed screen doesn't work in Chrome and FirefoxUploaded to Production on Aug 24


Media published by a moderator is indicated as pending moderationUploaded to Production on Aug 24


'Created by' link is not functional in Chrome and FirefoxUploaded to Production on Aug 24


iframe of a video embeded in the page should be bigger and w/o the current scroll barUploaded to Production on Aug 24


Categories created from video gallery in places should be with their name and not their ID numberUploaded to Production on Aug 24


The search description text inside the search box in media gallery is cut in small resolutionUploaded to Production on Aug 24





 It is not possible to set a moderator role for a user on a specific Jive Place. The Jive System permissions override this option.

KMS-2055, KMS-2132

Media cannot be embeded in content that uses a minified WYSIWYG editor like polls or reply to comments.


When selecting a large player in the preview window, the real player size does not fit in the available area. 

Tested Browsers, Operating Systems and Mobiles

The following desktop browsers and OS were tested for this release:

  • PC (windows 7) - Firefox 30, Chrome 34, Safari 7, IE10, IE11
  • Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks - Chrome 34, Safari 7

The following mobiles were tested (mobile browser) for this release:

  • iphone 5 - iOS7
  • Samsung 4 - Android 4.3


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