Import Channels Feature Description

Channel/Media Gallery Managers have the ability to import content from other Channels/Media Galleries they manage.

To import content from other Channels/Media Galleries that you manage:

  1. Enter the Media Gallery or Channel.
    When a Channel/Media Gallery Manager enters an empty Channel/Media Gallery, the following message is displayed:

    Select Click here on the message link to import content from another media gallery you manage.
  2. The importing process can also be initiated from the Actions drop-down menu.
  3. Choose a Channel/Media Gallery to import content from. The list includes all Channels/Media Galleries the user manages that have content.
  4. Click the selected Channel/Media Gallery and select Import.
    After the import is complete you will be required to refresh the page to view the imported content.

The Channel Import feature supports the ability to import playlists, only if there are 10 or less playlists in the channel. 

For the Admin

KMS/KAF admins can enable the Channel/Media Gallery Import feature in the Importchannel module.

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