How to Gather Diagnostic Information From a SharePoint 2013 On-Prem Site

This article provides an outline on how to gather diagnostic information from a SharePoint 2013 On-Prem site, usually for instances where the installation or a component may fail.

  1. Login to the SharePoint server. If multiple SharePoint servers exist - the following steps should be executed over each server.
  2. Download Microsoft's free diagnostic tool "Debug View", save it in a folder on the server and extract the package files:
  3. Open DebugView tool as administrator.
  4. Within DebugView, click on the menu item "Capture" and ensure that the option "Capture Global Win32" is selected.
  5. Run the component that you want to diagnose, usually it is the one that is causing trouble:
    1. If the installer fails at some stage - execute that stage again now
    2. If the search crawler fails to crawl - start the crawling process once again (i.e. in the search service application visit "Content Sources", locate the item "Kaltura CS", click on the item and choose "Crawl Now"
    3. If an issue occurs within some site page, for example if Kaltura widgets are not loading, load the faulty page again
  6. Diagnostic information should appear within the DebugView program, mark all the entries and copy them.

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