How to avoid the "3rd party cookie" error message in the KAF based LMS Integrations

Several browsers do not block third-party cookies by default. However, Safari and Firefox automatically block third-party cookies. Google will soon join Safari and Firefox in blocking third-party cookies in its Chrome web browser.
To avoid a "3rd party cookie" error message, Chrome users may uncheck the option to block third-party cookies manually via the browser's "Settings" page. For step-by-step instructions, please click here.

KAF (Kaltura Application Framework) provides a multi-step user experience, and as such, maintains a user's state over multiple HTTP requests using a session cookie. Without it, the user will lose their session and will not be able to perform any action within the KAF frame.

As KAF is under a separate domain, cookies are considered 3rd party.

If you have encountered error messages in your LMS integration, please follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

We suggest creating a sub domain for KAF to overcome this blocking configuration. Cookies set in iframe pages must be of the same domain as the top page. See How to Assign Your Own Domain to a Kaltura MediaSpace or KAF SaaS Instance for more information.

By loading KAF through a sub-domain of your LMS environment, the cookie is no longer considered 3rd party, thus browsers will not block them.

If your LMS Environment is hosted under your domain:

  1. Create a sub-domain for your KAF instance (e.g., if your LMS domain is:, create a sub domain of:
  2. If you are using Canvas: A developer key needs to be issued to the new sub domain. An account admin for the school can do this by following this guide:
  3. Open a ticket to Kaltura customer care at: with the following information:
    1. PID and KAF instance
    2. New sub domain for KAF (and developer key if you are using Canvas)

Kaltura Customer Care will configure your KAF admin and resolve the issue.

If your LMS Environment is hosted under the LMS domain:

We suggest transitioning your environment to be hosted on your own domain so you would be able to create a sub-domain.

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