Displaying or Hiding Slides and Polls

Show/Hide Slides and Polls

This feature allows you to:

  • Utilize Multiple polls during the broadcast
  • Obtain full control over the visibility of the slide deck along the entire duration of the broadcast.

The Show/Hide button on the timeline displays or hides slides and polls.  The default is Show.A presenter may run a poll during a live event and then select to 'Show poll results'. Afterwards the presenter may want to clear the poll results and continue with the broadcast and may want to run additional polls. The Show/Hide Slides & Polls toggle provides the option to clear the poll display from the screen.
Presenters may select when to stop/start displaying slides or polls during the event.

If there are no items in the timeline to hide or show, the Show/Hide button is disabled. 

In the following example, poll information is displayed to users. Note the Show button is toggled on.

In the following example, poll information is hidden to viewers.  Note the Hide button is toggled on.

New slides for chapters are not displayed when the slides/polls toggle is set to Hide.

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