Best Practices

Kaltura Webcasting Presenter's Guide

08/20/2019Tal Binder
As the presenter in a live Webcasting event, you are the main focus of the event. When preparing for a live event, these are the key factors you should be aware of as the presenter: Prepare the slidedeck in advance. Remember that there is no supp...

Preparing Webcasting Presenters/Speakers

08/20/2019Tal Binder
Offer your webcast prersenters/speakers a timeline to establish expectations. It also helps to give them an idea of the time commitment they are signing on for to keep everyone on the same page and moving forward toward your live events – toge...

Webcasting Tips and Recommendations

08/20/2019Tal Binder
Before you start your live broadcast, make sure you take the following into consideration: Start the broadcast earlier  Check that everything is working as expected: sound, equipment etc... Make sure you have the correct and final presentat...