Sakai: Configuring Sakai Extension to Work Through HTTPs

1. Contact Kaltura to change the CDN Delivery URL settings to HTTPs for the Kaltura account. 

2. In the Sakai properties file, set the end-point in the application settings to ‘https://KALTURA_SERVER_HOST’. For SaaS accounts, it will always be For On-Prem, it will be the service url of the system.

3. In the Sakai properties file, set the CDN URL to the CDN url that holds a valid SSL certificate. For SaaS customers, this will be: 

3. All uiConf Ids the application is using must belong to the Kaltura Partner Id (and not be 'general' Kaltura uiConf Ids). Contact Kaltura for assistance checking or duplicating uiConf Ids.

These instructions can also be found in the Sakai extension ReadMe.


  • For On-Prem customers, steps 1 and 3 might not be needed if the single default cdn host of the system has a valid SSL certificate.


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