What are the publishing requirements for submitting an application to Apple’s App Store that includes video consumption?

08/20/2019Gilat Tzitrinovich
See  iOS App Publishing Requirements and Reccommendations.

What ports will I need to open inbound and outbound from the KMS server traffic?

03/18/2020Jennifer Harris
You will need to open 80 and 443.

Does Kaltura feature a "Video Portal" like YouTube UI and features?

03/18/2020Jennifer Harris
Yes, please refer to Kaltura MediaSpace Video Portal .

What version of Linux is supported?

03/18/2020Jennifer Harris
Software requirements lay out the different components that must be installed. All of these components are cross-platform, therefore the Linux version is irrelevant.

How much disk space and RAM does the KMS server need?

03/18/2020Jennifer Harris
The KMS application, logs, and cache consume around 53MB. Normal disk space in multiples of tens of GB should be sufficient for this release.