MediaSpace Content Enrichment & Policy Management


This session is intended for admins and will cover how to customize and control the user permissions of your MediaSpace portal and set policies by learning the KMS policy modules and functions.

Key Takeaways   

  • Understand user management and groups.
  • Learn how to create a disclaimer and content policy for your instance. 
  • Build a custom data profile supporting company policy.  
  • How to configure and enable editing tools.




Greeting/ Introduction 

Kaltura MediaSpace admin page

Introduction to KMS admin page, how to use and what is its purpose. 

Roles and Permissions  

  • Users & Groups management. 
  • Enable a disclaimer to enforce the company Terms of Agreement text before uploading or publishing content. 
  • Add a policy to the entry/channel page. 

Disclaimer & Content Policy 

  • Configure some of the application's global settings, including enabling a multi-lingual instance.

Email Notification  

  • Learn the type of email notifications we can create and how to customize the text.  

Custom Data  

  • Enable and create a custom data profile based on cooperating policy.  

Share & Embed  

Learn how to configure embed codes and secure them based on role or specific users.

Practice & Overview  

Moderation (KMC)  

  • Learn how to moderate all flagged content.

Edit Capabilities Enablement  

  • Details  

  • Options 

  • Collaboration  

  • Thumbnails 

  • Downloads  

  • Captions  

  • Attachments  

  • Timeline 

  • Replace media  

  • Presenters 

  • Scheduling 


  • Learn how to modify channel design for each repository.  
Registration Form
Learn how to custom a registration Form to your videos (Extra feature).

Getting Help / Questions 

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