MediaSpace Authentication


Can you authenticate users against multiple sources simultaneously in Kaltura MediaSpace?
Different authentication methods cannot be used simultaneously to authenticate to KMS. Multiple adapters are not supported. Specific cases for multiple SAMLs only may be supported. Contact your customer representative for additional information. ...
Can you authenticate KMS users via ADFS?
Yes, ADFS supports SAML (as IdP) so KMS can be configured to authenticate through ADFS based on SAML protocol.
Can different permission levels be assigned automatically to users through SAML?
The user's application role is based on membership in the organizational groups and specific attributes in the SAML response. The organizational groups are managed in the organization’s Identity Provider. This is also where the users are a...
Troubleshooting SAML
When setting up KMS for Single Sign On (SSO) using SAML, you may encounter some issues. This section describes several issues that you may be able to resolve following the instructions provided herein. Prerequisites This guide assumes that:  ...