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This article provides information on the Kaltura Media Search in KMS applications. For Administrative information on the search in KMS applications see the Kaltura Search Module - Administrator's Guide article.

Types of Search Pages

You can use the Kaltura Media Search in many of the KMS pages using the magnifying glass.

There are 4 types of search pages available:

Global Search

The Global Search page may be reached from the top right KMS Header menu magnifying glass. This unified search page contains not only media results, but also results for galleries and channels.

The Global Search display page is configured by your system administrator. You may need to click the magnifying glass to open the search bar, or the search bar may be set to “Always Open” by your administrator.



You can also reach the Global Search page directly with the following URL:


For example:

The Global Search page contains:

Media Results 

All media results (video, audio, image, etc.) containing the keywords are displayed on the Media Results section.

More information may found in How to Read the Search Results and Search Filters sections.

Channel and Gallery Results

On the right side of the page, a side bar displays with MediaSpace Channels and Galleries results.

The top three results are displayed in the results side bar per channels/galleries, with an indication of the number of channels/galleries found. If there are more than three results, you may click on the “Go to Channel/Gallery Results” to access the Channels Search or Galleries Search pages.

You can collapse the side bar using the collapse buttonand expand it back using the expand button.

Media Search

The search magnifying glass icon is available in the following pages:

  • Global Search
  • My Media
  • Channel/Gallery pages
    You will find the search icon:
    • When searching for content within each channel and gallery
    • When adding content to the channel and gallery
    • When browsing the moderated content (pending tab)
  • Media page - search in video’s captions if enabled
  • My History page (KMS)

For each page:When searching, the media view is replaced with the search results when a keyword is entered and the display page capabilities remain the same. For example, the Approve and Reject buttons in the Pending tab are displayed for the returned results.

Channels Search

To search for a channel, navigate to the “All channels” or “My Channels” pages. You can also reach the Channels Search page from the Global Search. See the Global Search section.

Galleries Search

Access to the dedicated page for searching through galleries may only be reached via the Global Search. See the Global Search section, or you may access the Galleries Search page with the following direct link:


For example:

The Gallery search results are displayed with the Parent Gallery, Name, Description, and Tags.
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