Kaltura Video App for Canvas - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why does the gradebook column show zeroes after students submitted a Canvas Quiz assignment? (Canvas LMS only)

Did you follow all the steps in the Interactive Video Quiz Canvas Gradebook Integration Deployment Guide to deploy the graded quiz? 

If so, did you set a Points value for the Canvas Assignment when you set it up? 

If you did not set the Points value in the Canvas Assignment screen, the value in the Canvas gradebook after submitting a quiz assignment will be 0. You will still see students’ responses and scores in Kaltura analytics for that quiz.

To learn how to access the Kaltura analytics page for a Quiz, see the “Quiz Reporting” section in the Interactive Video Quizzes Guide for Creating Quizzes.

2. Is there a setting to hide the application at install (Canvas LMS only)?

There may be cases where you want to hide the Kaltura Video Too for Canvas application on install. For example, after the Canvas application is added at the root  level, an instructor may want to hide the Media Gallery until ready to display it.

Add the following code to the xml file to hide the application: 

<lticm:property name="visibility">admins</lticm:property>

 <lticm:property name="default">disabled</lticm:property>

3. Why does Kaltura uses API keys?

Kaltura uses API Keys to retrieve information about course permissions (i.e., the courses in which a user is enrolled and their specific roles within the courses) to provide the "Publish to a Media Gallery from My Media" feature.

Through our support of scoped keys, the institution's administrator can create the new key and provide the key with the two scopes that the Kaltura tools use (url:GET|/api/v1/courses and url:GET|/api/v1/courses/:id). Please see Create a Scoped Key in the Kaltura Video App for Canvas Deployment Guide if you would like to use a scoped key instead of a regular API key.

4. What happens if I change the KAF alias?

Old embedded content will continue to function properly if the original app in Canvas remains installed. If a user adds a new alias to an instance and requires all embeds to function properly on that new alias, Instructure must be engaged to change the URLs in the database. Please see your Kaltura representative for additional information.

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