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The partner account ID on Kaltura's platform
EntryentryThe delivered content ID on Kaltura's platform
Known UserknownUserThe Kaltura logged-in user who watched the video
User AgentDevicedevice

Which device the video was played on. 

Available values: computer, mobile, tablet, gameConsole, dmr (digital media receiver), wearable, unknown

Operating SystemoperatingSystem

Which operating system the video was played on.

Available values: Windows, Windows10, Windows81, Windows8, Windows7, WindowsVista, Windows2000, WindowsXp, Windows10Mobile, WindowsPhone81, WindowsPhone8, WindowsMobile7, WindowsMobile, Windows98, XboxOs, Android, Android5, Android5Tablet, Android4, Android4Tablet, Android4Wearable, Android3Tablet, Android2, Android2Tablet, Android1, AndroidMobile, AndroidTablet, ChromeOs, Webos, Palm, Meego, Ios, Ios9Iphone, Ios84Iphone, Ios83Iphone, Ios82Iphone, Ios81Iphone, Ios8Iphone, Ios7Iphone, Ios6Iphone, Ios5Iphone, Ios4Iphone, MacOsXIpad, Ios9Ipad, Ios84Ipad, Ios83Ipad, Ios82Ipad, Ios81Ipad, Ios8Ipad, Ios7Ipad, Ios6Ipad, MacOsXIphone, MacOsXIpod, MacOsX, MacOs, Maemo, Bada, GoogleTv, Kindle, Kindle3, Kindle2, Linux, Ubuntu, UbuntuTouchMobile, Symbian, Symbian9, Symbian8, Symbian7, Symbian6, Series40, SonyEricsson, SunOs, Psp, Wii, Blackberry, Blackberry7, Blackberry6, BlackberryTablet, Roku, Proxy, UnknownMobile, UnknownTablet, Unknown


Which browser the video was played on.

Available values: Outlook, Outlook2007, Outlook2013, Outlook2010, Ie, OutlookExpress7, Iemobile11, Iemobile10, Iemobile9, Iemobile7, Iemobile6, IeXbox, Ie11, Ie10, Ie9, Ie8, Ie7, Ie6, Ie55, Ie5, Edge, Edge12, EdgeMobile12, Chrome, ChromeMobile, Chrome46, Chrome45, Chrome44, Chrome43, Chrome42, Chrome41, Chrome40, Chrome39, Chrome38, Chrome37, Chrome36, Chrome35, Chrome34, Chrome33, Chrome32, Chrome31, Chrome30, Chrome29, Chrome28, Chrome27, Chrome26, Chrome25, Chrome24, Chrome23, Chrome22, Chrome21, Chrome20, Chrome19, Chrome18, Chrome17, Chrome16, Chrome15, Chrome14, Chrome13, Chrome12, Chrome11, Chrome10, Chrome9, Chrome8, Omniweb, Safari, Blackberry10, MobileSafari, Silk, Safari9, Safari8, Safari7, Safari6, Safari5, Safari4, Coast, Coast1, Opera, OperaMobile, OperaMini, Opera34, Opera33, Opera32, Opera31, Opera30, Opera29, Opera28, Opera27, Opera26, Opera25, Opera24, Opera23, Opera20, Opera19, Opera18, Opera17, Opera16, Opera15, Opera12, Opera11, Opera10, Opera9, Konqueror, Dolfin2, AppleWebKit, AppleItunes, AppleAppstore, AdobeAir, LotusNotes, Camino, Camino2, Flock, Firefox, Firefox3mobile, FirefoxMobile, FirefoxMobile23, Firefox42, Firefox41, Firefox40, Firefox39, Firefox38, Firefox37, Firefox36, Firefox35, Firefox34, Firefox33, Firefox32, Firefox31, Firefox30, Firefox29, Firefox28, Firefox27, Firefox26, Firefox25, Firefox24, Firefox23, Firefox22, Firefox21, Firefox20, Firefox19, Firefox18, Firefox17, Firefox16, Firefox15, Firefox14, Firefox13, Firefox12, Firefox11, Firefox10, Firefox9, Firefox8, Firefox7, Firefox6, Firefox5, Firefox4, Firefox3, Firefox2, Firefox15, Thunderbird, Thunderbird12, Thunderbird11, Thunderbird10, Thunderbird8, Thunderbird7, Thunderbird6, Thunderbird3, Thunderbird2, Vivaldi, Seamonkey, Bot, BotMobile, Mozilla, Cfnetwork, Eudora, Pocomail, Thebat, Netfront, Evolution, Lynx, Download, Unknown, AppleMail


Which country the video was played from.

Available values: TBD

CitycityWhich city the video was played from.
Syndication & DistributionSyndication DomainsyndicationDomainThe domain of the video publisher/syndicator
Syndication URLsyndicationURLThe canonical URL of the video publisher/syndicator. Canonical URL means lowercased, stripped querystring URL.
ApplicationapplicationThe name of the application on which the playback was delivered
CategorycategoryThe categories which were assigned to the entry during playback
Playback ContextplaybackContextA specific category that was provided (using the embed code) to player during playback
TimeDaydayDate (rounded to the beginning of day) of playback, for example: 30/03/2013 00:00:00
HourhourDate (rounded to the beginning of hour) of playback, for example: 30/03/2013 16:00:00
MinuteminuteDate (rounded to the beginning of minute) of playback, for example: 30/03/2013 16:43:00
10 Seconds10secDate (rounded to the beginning of 10 seconds) of playback, for example: 30/03/2013 16:43:40
 Streaming ProtocolstreamingProtocolThe media streaming protocol that was used
QoSPreferred BitratepreferredBitrate

The bitrate of the preferred flavour that was set using the flash var.

UIConfIDuiConfIDWhich player id and configuration the video was played on.
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