How to Update the Kaltura Player to the Latest Version

Updating Kaltura Players in the Universal Studio

The Universal Studio tab displays the complete list of the players defined in your account. To edit any player in the Universal Studio, the player should be updated to the latest Universal Studio Players. 

All players are automatically available to be updated in the new Universal Studio.

Update a Player

To update a V2 player to the latest version

  1. Select the Studio tab and then click Universal Studio.
    The list of existing players is displayed.
  2. Click Update to update the player to the latest version of the player.
    An Update confirmation box is displayed.
  3. Click Update.
    An update confirmation box is displayed.
  4. Click OK.

The player version is also automatically updated by re-saving the player settings. To do so, go to the KMC Universal Studio tab, select a player you wish to update and click on "Save Player Settings".

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