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The admin of your company’s/institution’s central video portal/LMS will be providing you with all necessary information on how to code a sync process for incorporating video portal content into your federated search index.

The admin will provide access to two syndication feeds, one for initially indexing the portal's entire non-private content ("Seed" feed), and one which only includes updates since last ping, including deletes ("Sync" feed). Both feeds are provided in an enriched MRSS format, geared to include as much metadata about a portal item as possible, including custom data, captions, comments and cue-points. However, each feed includes slight variations per its use. Below is more information on what each feed includes.

Shared Between Feeds

entryId: The Kaltura internal unique id of the entry. Used in conjunction with a Kaltura player.

createdAt: 1 = datetime when entry was created (unix timestamp).

updatedAt: 1 = datetime when entry was last updated (unix timestamp).

mediaType: 1 = video, 2 = image, 5 = audio.

entryType: 1 = hosted media, “externalMedia.externalMedia” = YouTube video.

duration: The duration of the video in milliseconds. TIP: Make sure to convey entry’s duration in your search results, as affects user’s click-rate (user will want to know how much time they need to invest in watching the video).

name: The name of the video, use it as the title.

status: 2 = ready (can be indexed), 3 = deleted (only in Sync).

description: Description text provided with the video.

thumbnailUrl: Use this as-is to index an entry’s thumbnail with the freshest version from Kaltura. When rendering search results, add “/width/<value>/height/<value>/type/3” to control the dimensions of the returned thumbnail e.g. “/width/478/height/269/type/3”. “/type/3” performs center-crop. For a full list of Kaltura’s thumbnail API parameters, see here

tags: Added by the owner of the video. Can be used to construct tag-based search urls in the video portal and promotes content recommendation.

customData: Will be included in case the portal/LMS Extension uses a custom schema. Please ask your portal admin for details of schema used, particularly list of fields and their system-names.

scene-annotation: Comments made on the video. Index these along with the video, to increase findability and discoverability.

scene-thumb-cue-point: Slides (type=1) or chapters (type=2) added to the video. Index these along with the video, to increase findability and discoverability.

Unique to Seed Feed

The Seed feed supports paging. Look for a <link rel=”next” href=”url to next page”> node at the end of the feed. Grab the value of the “href” attribute to load the next page. Continue until a response no longer includes this node.

Unique to Sync Feed

The Sync feed will also list entries deleted since last ping. Deleted entries’ item node will only contain a value in the entryId tag and a status=3 tag. On detection of a deleted portal entry, remove it from your index. For all other item nodes, first check if this entry is already indexed. If so, update the metadata fields you chose to index, otherwise add it as a newly-published entry.


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