Federated Search – Indexing Module Administrator's Guide

MediaSpace/KAF Admin – Setup

Your Kaltura PM / CSM will enable the  “Federated Search – Indexing” module (“Federatedsearchindexing”) in your MediaSpace/KAF environment, and also enable the “Federatedsearchcore” module, containing code shared by both Federated Search modules (Interactive and Indexing).

MediaSpace/KAF Admin – Configuration

After the Federatedsearchindexing module is enabled:
  1. In the limitToAppToken section, click “Generate” to generate an App Token.
  2. In the Seed section click “Generate” to generate the Seed feed. 
  3. In the indexSyncFeed section click "Regenerate" to (re)generate the Sync feed (will use the default interval value). The Sync feed, when queried, will only return content not older than the value of limitToItemsNotOlderThan (in minutes), whose default is 240 (4 hours). It is therefore recommended to instruct the Indexing developer to periodically ping the Sync feed not longer than the defined interval (i.e. 4 hours), or updates to the portal may be missed. Should the Indexing developer want to ping the feed more rapidly, lower the value of limitToItemsNotOlderThan per the developer’s request and click Save. NOTE: You will then need to regenerate the Sync feed.
  4. Click Save.

MediaSpace/KAF Admin - What to Provide to Developers

After both feeds are created, provide both feeds’ URLs to the Indexing developer, along with the App Token ID and Value, and the link to the recipe on how to authenticate. Instruct the developer to add a “&ks=” url parameter, followed by the generated KS (Kaltura Session) produced via the App Token, or no content will be returned.


Here’s a summary of what you will need to provide the indexing developer:

  1. App Token id and value
  2. Seed feed URL
  3. Sync feed URL
  4. Expected sync interval (should be smaller than or equal to limitToItemsNotOlderThan)
  5. How to access the feeds’ content once a KS is created (via the “&ks=” url parameter)
  6. Link to the App Token Authentication recipe. 

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