KAF administrators can enforce the Terms of Agreement text and checkbox for end-users to review and/or accept before uploading or publishing content.




Enable the Disclaimer Module.


The disclaimer custom data profile id.


Which custom data field is required to be checked when uploading or publishing media?.


Text to show when explaining user the reason for this checkbox.


The text to display next to the checkbox that the user accepts the terms of agreements.


Before Upload - Terms of agreement are displayed to the user before they can contribute content. Only after the user agrees, the upload, launch screen recorder and other buttons are displayed. After checking the box, the button (or other option to upload) is enabled and the checkbox is disabled so it cannot be unchecked.

Before Publish - Terms of agreement are presented as part of metadata in the upload screen and in the edit media screen. The checkbox can be configured as a required field preventing the user from publishing media if the checkbox is not selected (This is the same behavior as when required metadata is not completed). After terms are agreed to by the user (The checkbox is selected and saved) the field turns into view only and select cannot be unchecked,


This is relevant only if selected to show before publish. In this case the module displays the text of the terms of agreement and does not display a checkbox for the user to select.

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