Create Your Free Kaltura Meetings Account

Kaltura Meetings is FREE to use. Create your account in under a minute and start delivering virtual classes right away!

Create Your Free Kaltura Account

  1. Go to Get started with Kaltura Virtual Meetings for Free!
  2. Fill in the form with your information:
    1. First  name 
    2. Last name.
    3. Business Email 
    4. Company
    5. Job Title
    6. Country
    7. Number of Employees
  3. Click Get Started.
  4. Click here to set your password and get started!
       Enter in your basic information:
    1. Full name - Enter in your first & last name.
    2. Email - Enter in your primary email address.
    3. Password - Enter in a password that is between 8-24 characters.
  5. Review Kaltura Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
  6. Click Create My Account.
That's it! Your free Kaltura Meetings account has been created!
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