WordPress All in One Video Plugin FAQ

  • Where are the videos stored?
    The videos are stored on Kaltura's servers. You are welcome to check out our community edition that lets you host all the content on your servers.
  • How do I make sure I unpacked the plugin correctly?
    Make sure you follow the instructions specified in the readme file, and that you see the following directories (in addition to all other related directories):
  • I can't complete the registration process. What am I doing wrong?
    Make sure you have your blog's name set through WordPress. It is a read only field in the plugin's settings page. If the blog's name is not set through WordPress, the registration process cannot be completed.
  • Can I create multiple blogs with one account (partner ID)?
    Yes, but they are interdependent. When a video is edited in one blog, the edits will propagate to all the others.
  • Does the plugin work with WordPress MU?
    Yes, we recommend that each user opens a different account, unless they want the blog to be dependent on other blogs as specified in the FAQ about multiple blogs.
  • Do you offer customization options for the WordPress plugin?
    To get attractive customization options for licensing agreements as well as functionalities and skinning, please contact our sales department.
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