User Analytics

User Analytics

10/26/2019Renan Gutman
The User Analytics dashboard enables you to discover all the activities a specific user performed in the platform.  You can view a user’s dashboard by clicking on a user name anywhere in the Analytics dashboard – from the C...

End-User Level Reports – Integration Requirements

08/20/2019Debbie Zioni
Kaltura’s End-User Level Reports provide answers to customer’s questions about end-user behavior and is primarily intended for the Education and Enterprise markets. Enablement As a first step, End-User reports should be enabled in the ...

Working with the User Analytics Dashboard

10/25/2019Renan Gutman
The User Analytics dashboard provides you with data on a user's activities in the platform. To learn more about the User Analytics dashboard, see User Analytics Dashboard . In this article, you can review:  How to change the time fra...