Module Activation

After you have received the password from the Brand3D team, use the following instructions to activate the Brand3d module.

  1. Login to your MediaSpace Configuration Management admin site at: https://[your_partner_id]
  2. In the list of configurable items on the left of your screen, locate and click on Brand3d.

    The Brand3d module displays.
  3. In the enabled pull down list, select Yes.
  4. Type the password that you received from Brand3D. 
  5. In allowedRoles, choose who will have the privilege of creating 3D overlays. Choose a role (privateOnly, admin, or unmoderated Admin Role) or Specific Users and specify users in the allowedUsers area.  
  6. Click Save. A message displays confirming your configuration for Brand3d was saved.
  7. Click OK.

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