How to get the embed code to work over HTTPS in the Kaltura Building Block for Blackboard

Media uploaded via one of the following methods should work over HTTPS as expected:

  • Create Item> Mashup Tool> Kaltura Media
  • Tool> Kaltura Media
  • Build Content> Kaltura Media

However, media that was uploaded via embed codes (copying the embed code from the KMC and then pasting it to an HTML page via the WYSIWYG in Blackboard) should not work over HTTPS. The media appears as blocked in your browser.

To get the embed code to work over HTTPS

  • Mark the "Support for HTTPS embed code" option in the "Share & Embed" window in the KMC before copying the code.

  • In addition, Kaltura Customer Care can set this option to be marked as the default in your account.
  • Please Note: This setting will not work for previously embedded material.To change the media that is already embedded in Blackboard, You will be required to Re-embed the new code that supports HTTPS.
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