Federated Search Interactive - Portal Developer – How to Process JSON Data

The admin of your company’s/institution’s central video portal/LMS will be providing you with all necessary information to quickly code your Intranet/Extranet video portlet “Consumer”. The boilerplate HTML/JavaScript, included in the handover, shows you how to construct the corresponding Producer URL request (1), how to query it using jQuery’s getJSON (2), and how to loop over the results and render each video (3). 


The admin may have also shared a sample JSON response, which includes all metadata configured for this Producer.

The following lists details of what metadata you should expect: 

entryType: 1 = hosted media, “externalMedia.externalMedia” = YouTube video

mediaType: 1 = video, 2 = image, 5 = audio

id: The Kaltura internal unique id of the entry. Used in conjunction with a Kaltura player

referenceId: Will include a value when the entry references an object from another system

name: The name of the video, use it as title

description: Description text provided with the video

tags: Added by the owner of the video. Can be used to construct tag-based search urls in the video portal

msDuration: The duration of the video in milliseconds

isSticky: If “true”, this is promoted content, always showing at the top of the response

rootEntryId: Will contain a different value than “id” if this is a child video, clipped off a larger video

thumbnailUrl: Use this as-is to render gallery thumbnails with the freshest version from Kaltura. Add “/width/<value>/height/<value>/type/3” to control the dimensions of the returned thumbnail e.g. “/width/478/height/269/type/3”. “/type/3” performs center-crop. For a full list of Kaltura’s thumbnail API parameters, see here.

capabilities: will contain “quiz.quiz” if this entry is an enhanced Quiz video.

Optional Metadata

In case the portal admin includes custom data in the Producer, an additional customData node will be included for each entry, with additional fields (for example): 

Please ask your portal admin for details on the fields included in the custom metadata schema configured for the portal.


In case the portal admin includes # of views and or # of likes in the Producer, additional nodes, views and/or likes, will be included for each entry.

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