Join A Kaltura Live Room Via Dial In

The dial in option is an add on feature that enables participants to join a Kaltura Live Room session via phone line.

Join via Dial In (Participants)

To join a Kaltura Live Room session via phone, you will need a phone number and code.  This information will be shared by the session host.  To join the live class via phone, participants must:
  1. Dial in the relevant phone number.
    1. From US, dial +1 646 791 1978
    2. From Israel, dial +972 3 376 3293 
  2. When prompted, enter in the room code, followed by the # key.

💡After entering in your room code successfully, you will be directed into the room

Invite Participants To Join Via Dial in (Room Managers)

Enable dial in for your room

Each room has its own code that must be enable once. 
  1. Click Invite at the top of the Live classroom
  2. Click Enable Dial In 

💡This generates a code for the room and shows the available phone numbers. 

Invite Participants

  1. Click Invite at the top of the Live classroom.
  2. Under Dial In, click the Country of the user to reveal a list of phone numbers. 

  3. Click Copy, to copy the phone number and 9 digit room code 
After you have copied the number and room code, you can share it with your student/participant via email, chat, or messenger

Manage Phone Participants (Room Managers)

When phone participants join, their experience is similar to joining with their microphone. If in Virtual Classroom mode, then they are put on stage and appear in the participant list.  If in Webinar mode, they strictly show up in the participant list.

Moderators have the following options to manage them:
  • LIVE button to add or remove them from stage
  • Mute button to mute or unmute them

What Can Dial In Participants Do

  • You can join the session by dialing in a number
  • You can hear the conversation
  • You can contribute to conversation
  • You can hear Kaltura media

Not Currently Available for Participants

  • Hearing uploaded video audio
  • Hearing uploaded audio files
  • Hearing audio files embedded in presentations
  • Hearing Youtube audio
  • Participating in Breakout 
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