Video Quiz Guide for Creating Quizzes

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Creating and Working with Kaltura Video Quiz

This guide describes how to use Kaltura’s Video Quiz (VQ) feature in Kaltura’s systems. Video Quiz integrates and works seamlessly with Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS) and all Kaltura Application Framework (KAF) based applications, such as different Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and Social Business Software (SBSs). The VQ feature is based on the Kaltura Player version 2.0.

The following topics are described:

Video Quiz Overview



Filtering Media that have Quizzes

To display media that have quizzes configured

  1. Go to My Media Page and click Filters.
  2. Check Quiz.

    All media that include quizzes is displayed on the My Media page.

    A special icon on the video thumbnail, and on the entry page, is displayed for videos that have quizzes configured.  

Creating/Editing a Quiz Using the Kaltura Video Editing Tools

Kaltura Video Editing Tools provide quiz creators a simple way to create and edit online quizzes custom-tailored to the needs of their users. The Quiz Tab in the Video Editing Tools replaces the previous method of creating quizzes in KMS an KAF applications.

To create/edit a quiz

Use the Kaltura Video Editing Tools to create and edit Interactive Video Quizzes.

Best Practices

Taking a Quiz

How to Take a Quiz

Quiz Reporting (Analytics)

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