Content Ingestion in Kaltura

How To Handle Kaltura Server Notifications in PHP

Often applications require the ability to respond to asynchronous events that occurred on the Kaltura server. For example, when a Media Entry was uploaded, finished transcoding or any other status update. This guide will take you through the steps of listening to these events, called Event Notifications, how to parse the data carried in these notifications and respond properly in your applications.

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How does the Aspera Upload Speed compare to the FTP Upload Speed?

By default, Kaltura provides a 45mbps Aspera upload speed. The FTP comparison is dependent on your connection and latency and can only be measured by testing.

Aspera uses UDP which overcomes the inherent TCP congestion problem.

If you have a certain latency on your connection, you are likely to be slowed down by its duration. However, using TCP, you will pay for this latency every few packets. The upside is that TCP ensures the completeness of the transferred data as it is a statefull protocol.

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