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Kaltura Edition: 

December 15, 2013

Kaltura Application Framework v5.3.57

These release notes pertain to the Desire2Learn Digital Media Services 3.0 – Kaltura plugin, released in December 15, 2013. 


Version Number / Description

Release Tag


Server Version


KMC Version


KDP Version

HTML5 Version

What's New in this Release

Component / Feature


Content Organization

  • My Media: Upload, Manage, Assign, and Share Content (based on permissions) with a private media library is now available for each D2L user.
  • Course Gallery: You cans search or view rich media assigned to a course if you are a member. Media can be added by instructors or students, with student contributions moderated (or turned off) by instructors.

Authoring Tools

  • Screen Recording: Easily record the screen, along with audio and webcam feeds, to create and publish screencasts. Instructors and students can record and share lectures, presentations, software tutorials, and additional information.
  • Improved Upload Flow: Upload media uses a simple interface with “My Media” or with the “Insert Stuff” workflow. The same process is used  to initiate a webcam or a screen recording.

Improved HTML Editor (Insert Stuff) integration

  • Media may be created directly from the Insert Stuff window.
  • User experience has been enhanced and improved.


  • Ability to upload multi-lingual captions to reach international, multi-lingual, and hearing-impaired audiences while also enabling in-video search within the captions has been added.


  • Boost for online conversations and user engagement by allowing users to comment on videos.

Enhanced Mobile Support

  • Improved responsive design provides an enhanced playback experience on all mobile devices – including iPhones, iPads, Android, and Blackberry devices – with automatic device detection and Flash-HTML5 fallback.

Improved Media Administration

  • You can view which entries belong to which courses, assign entries to courses, or perform bulk uploads using the Kaltura Management Console (KMC). Administrators can also view course-specific engagement analytics.

Resolved Issues





Mobile/Edit Media

When editing media via iOS devices, the Tags field in the metadata does not initiate the native keyboard. This feature works as expected on a desktop browser.


Media Gallery/View Media

In Media Gallery, after clicking ‘Add Media’, clicking on media that was not published shows an ‘access denied’ message.


My Media/UI

The 'Add new media' button is missing in My Media small widgets (less than 585px width).
We recommend that you use larger size widgets (more than 585px width) to ensure a fully functioning Kaltura iframe.


Media Gallery/UI

The ‘Add new media’ button in Media Gallery via small widgets (less than 470px) returns an irrelevant message. We recommend that you use larger size widgets (more than 585px width) to ensure a fully functioning Kaltura iframe.


My Media/Filters

Filtering entries by ‘Private’ status does not work as expected in My Media. Both Private and Public entries are shown.


Upload Media

In the upload media page, the Tags field under the second upload entry shows a different behavior.
The string written in the Tags field must be comma-separated. Avoid adding dots (‘.’)  to the tags.


Search/General UI

When My Media or Media Gallery is configured to a small widget (less than 585px width) the search does not work. The page refreshes and relevant results are not displayed.


Filter/General UI

The option to filter by status is missing in My Media when displayed as a small widget (width less than 585px).


Media Gallery Moderation

When a Course Manager/Moderator adds media to the Media Gallery, the status is indicated as "waiting for approval". The expected behavior should automatically add the media item to the Media Gallery without moderation.


Media Gallery/Add Media

In Media Gallery, when using a small widget (less than 585px) the ‘<’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons have the same functionality. There is an unnecessary ‘x’ in the ‘Add new media’ button.

Known Issues

Recommended view: Navigation bar link (full-width view) or widgets bigger than 585px width.





Screen Record

The Screen Recording feature is not working due to browser's security issues. Therefore, there is no way to upload media using the screen recording at this time.



KMC / Publish 

When publishing media from the 'Insert Stuff' area, there is an erroneous category that is created in the KMC. 
Instead of adding the published media to the 'inContext' category under the relevant course, the published media is added to the erroneous 'in Context' category.
In addition, the media displays an irrelevant 'in Context' category in the  My Media section.


Media Gallery Moderation / General UI

A UI issue  causes the video players to be shown on top of the moderated media items. When clicking 'Play', the player display enlarges and may cover the left side of the media title and description.

* This UI issue occurs in Media Gallery in big Widget Mode (width equals to 921px)


My Media / General UI

The following UI issues may occur when using My Media in small widget (width under less than 585px):
* The 'Actions' button may be misplaced and may be displayed elsewhere than on top of the row block.
* The media title and description may not be aligned to the left.
* The  '+' button that expands the media details may be missing.

DL-100 / KMS-1276

General UI / 
Media Gallery

There is redundant text which indicates the Media Gallery’s status when using a small widget size (less than 585px).


General UI / 
View Media

In the View Media page, the 'Actions' button is placed slightly to the left of its  intended position.
* This can be shown when opening View Media from the Navigation bar link.


Media Gallery / 
Edit Media

When editing media from the Media Gallery, there is a link that unintentionally leads to My Media. The link should redirect to Media Gallery.


Analytics / Media Gallery General UI

When the user analytics feature is enabled for an account, there is an option to print the analytics of a certain Media Gallery. When clicking the 'Print' button, the generated form may display the following unexpected errors in the titles:
* 'Fr' instead of 'For'
* 'Channel' instead of 'Media Gallery'
* 'XXXX' (=Course ID) should be erased.


Media Gallery /
General UI

If the description of a Media Gallery is longer than a row, the words are cut off at the end of the row and appear on the following row..

 KMS-1797  Mobile The description field under Edit Media and Edit Media Gallery is un-editable when using iOS devices.
KMS-1790 Search / 
Media Gallery

The grayed-out text inside the search field is cut off only 'Search this Media Galle' is displayed
The search field is shown after clicking on the magnifying glass inside a Media Gallery.

KMS-1794 Media Gallery Moderation / General UI

The video players, under Media Gallery pending moderation tab, are slightly positioned on top of their title and description. When clicking the 'Play' button on each video item, the player expands and hides the media title and description.

KMS-1679 Analytics / Media Gallery

The number of users in the analytics section is incorrect and shows an unexpected count of '0' users.

KMS-1289 View Media

For audio entries, the player position leaves a large white space between the player and the entry description.
* This can be seen in a big widget size (width equals to 585px)


General UI

There are several display errors in the following sections:

* The grayed out text inside Media gallery search field via small widget size (width equals to 470px) displays incorrectly
* When an entry is published to 1 media gallery, its description shows '1 Channel' instead of '1 media gallery'
* The Edit Media Gallery page shows 'Back to Channel' instead of 'Back to Media Gallery' at the bottom of the page. 


Media Gallery

The 'Comments' for Media Gallery can be disabled via the edit Media Gallery page. When this feature is disabled, there is an unexpected 'comment' icon on each media that was published. This icon directs to the comment section while this feature is actually disabled.


Media Gallery

The 'Actions' button is missing in Media Gallery when viewing via small widget size (width equals to 470px)
* This issue affects the Media Gallery's manager.


General UI

The numeric value is missing that indicates when media was first uploaded.
in My Media or Media Gallery there should be a specific count on each media with the relevant hours / days / weeks / months of when it was first uploaded.

DL-97 / KMS-1285

Captions Search

When searching for captions, under ‘Search in Video’ tab in the View media page, the search results are not cleared after deleting the search string or clicking the ‘X’ icon.


View Media / Publish

In case media was published to a course that was deleted, 
the media still shows the deleted course tag as a course that the media was published to.


HTML5 Player

When viewing an image entry via Mobile devices, the HTML5 player used is a normal video player.



In My Media, after adding 3 or more characters to the search field,  the search is initiated after two seconds causing the focus on the search field to disappear.  


Edit Media / General UI

When editing the media metadata, there is no indication that the field is mandatory.


HTML5 player 

There could be visual inconsistencies between the HTML5 player used on mobile devices and the Flash player used for playback on desktops.


Screen Record

Java is not supported by most mobile devices. 
Therefore, when launching the screen recorder via mobile devices, an error page is received.

Tested Browsers and Operating Systems

The following desktop browsers were tested for this release:

  • Firefox, latest
  • Chrome, latest
  • Safari 5.1.6
  • IE9 , IE10, IE10 compatibility mode

The following desktop operating systems were tested for this release:

  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS Mountain Lion

Tested Mobile Devices:



Reference Device


6.1.3, Latest

iPad 2


iPhone 4



Motorola Xoom


Galaxy 3


Samsung Tab

Blackberry OS


Blackberry 7

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