KDP - Release Notes

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Kaltura Edition: 

Version 3.9.9:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.9.9/kdp3.swf

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.9.9

Released - 15/06/2014

Ticket Module Description
SUP-1764 GoogleAnalytics Plugin Remove live entries percentage events
SUP-2094 GoogleAnalytics Plugin Fix events discrepancy between Flash and HTML5 
CR-155301 GoogleAnalytics Plugin Add ref-id to analytics events
FEC-1455 OSMF Fix OSMF to work with non zero start times



Version 3.9.8:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.9.8/kdp3.swf

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.9.8

Released - 09/03/2014

Ticket Module Description
SUP-1498 VAST Plugin Fix auto continue to main video after VPAID preroll
SUP-1508 ClosedCaptions Plugin Support "hideClosedCaptions" attribute. When set to true captions will be hidden by default.
SUP-1430 AkamaiHD Plugin Fix support in HDS embedded captions
- ClosedCaptionsFlexible Plugin Fix DFXP styling: now subtitles will inherit the body style if no inlina style was set
FEC-711 AkamaiMediaAnalytics Plugin Send delivery type: "O" for VOD entries, "L" for live etnries
FEC-1059 VAST Plugin Enable VAST 2.0.1 ads playback




Version 3.9.7:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.9.7/kdp3.swf

 tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.9.7

Released - 09/02/2014

Ticket Module Description
- Core Added support in "allowUserPauseAds" flashvar that will allow the user to pause ad playback.
- ClosedCaptions Plugin Fix DFXP styling: now subtitles will inherit the body style if no inlina style was set

Pass "AdParameters" value to VPAID SWF

FEC-833 Core Fix "Live" button functionality



Version 3.9.6:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.9.6/kdp3.swf

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.9.6

Released - 01/12/2013 

Ticket Module Description
- Core Use new Client library. It is now possible to play "KalturaLiveChannel" entry



Version 3.9.5:

These release notes pertain to the KDP for version Hercules+ released Dec 2013.

.com URL: not available

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.9.5

Ticket Module Description
FEC-681 Core A  Kaltura entry can be loaded using the "redirectFromEntryId" parameter.
- Core The KS was removed from Livestream.isLive API call.
- Core Added 'mediaUrl' information to 'reportError' call.
SUP-1272 Core The image entry playback now works  if "loadThumbnailWithReferrer" parameter was set.
SUP-1270 PlaylistAPI Plugin Fixed initItemEntryId parameter.
SUP-1284 Core Fixed  the initial buffer size and the expanded buffer size for HDS  livestream.
SUP-1172 ClosedCaptions Plugin The "none" value is now saved in Flash cookies.
FEC-684 Core

"useLiveStreamMinDuration" flashvar is now supported.

When this flashvar is set to true, duration of livestream with DVR window will be the minimum between DVR window size and the current live point in the Livestream.



Version 3.9.4:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.9.4/kdp3.swf

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.9.4

Released - 11/10/2013 

Ticket Module Description
SUP-1027 PlaylistAPI Plugin Fix playlist "auto continue" behavior.
- VPAID  Support VPAID 1.0. Fix ad appearance
- ClosedCaptions Plugin Support embedded captions with Wowza when playing RTMP.



Version 3.9.3:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.9.3/kdp3.swf

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.9.3

Released - 10/27/2013

Ticket Module Description
SUP-965 Vast plugin Sometimes, when ad failed to load, the ad UI remaind on the screen ("your video will start in..." message)



Version 3.9.2:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.9.2/kdp3.swf

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.9.2

Released - 10/13/2013

Ticket Module Description
- Statistics Plugin Populate partner ID value from Kaltura Entry object and not from flash vars.
SUP-852 akamaiHD Plugin Upgrade HDCore library from version 2.11 to 3.1 
PS doubleClick Pluigin DoubleClick IMA3 ad rule update - fix issue with KDP focusManager
PS Core

Fix KVolumeBar to allow clients to change volume with mouse_down & drag all in one motion.

SUP-923 Core

Fix Flash Exception wehn Ad Cue Point has no sourceURL

SUP-831 VAST Plugin

Choose to play the supported media file with the highest bitrate.


Version 3.9.1:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.9.1/kdp3.swf

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.9.1

Released - 8/18/2013

Ticket Module Description
PS Annotations Plugin Revised tabs in annotations. 

AkamaiHD Plugin

ClosedCaptions Plugin

ClosedCaptionsFlexible Plugin

Support embedded captions in AkamaiVideoElement
SUP-90 Annotations Plugin Unescape annotations input
SUP-564 Core Fix Flash exception when Flash cookies are disabled
PS KalturaShare Plugin Support 'dynamicEmbed' attribute that will override the default Kaltura embed code. The given value must be encoded.



Version 3.9.0:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.9.0/kdp3.swf

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.9.0

Released - 8/11/2013

Ticket Module Description
- Kontiki Plugin Kontiki Plugin was added
SUP-466 Core Evaluate also secondary value substitions 
- Core Fix Flash exception when KDP was loaded with no wrapper
- Statistics Plugin Code enhancements
SUP-535 Adaptvas3 Plugin Support in setting asyncInit=true 



Version  3.8.9:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.8.9/kdp3.swf

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.8.9

Released - 7/21/2013 

Ticket Module Description
SUP-428 AkamaiHD Plugin Avoid calls to by setting netsessionMode to "never"
FEC-131 ClosedCaptions Plugin Support captions alphabetically sorting, by setting "sortAlphabetically" attribute to true.
FEC-296 Statistics Plugin Support "trackEventMonitor" - the given javascript function will be called when statistics event is sent.
Core Fix issue with autoPlay: sometimes thumbnail was loaded after playback has started and the video wasn't shown. 


ClosedCaptions Plugin

FlexibleClosedCaptions Plugin

Support "showEmbeddedCaptions" attribute. When set to true captions embedded on the stream will be displayed.


Statistics Plugin

Send "replay" statistics events.



Version 3.8.8:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.8.8/kdp3.swf

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.8.8

Released - 7/7/2013

Ticket Module Description
SUP-300 Annotations Plugin Enable tabbing within annotation buttos (intime, Edit, Delete)
SUP-325 Adaptvas3 Plugin Enable video playback if adapTV preroll fails to start

ClosedCaptions Plugin

FlexibleClosedCaptions Plugin

Fix bug with inner spans in DFXP captions

Statistics Plugin

Fix bug where "play" event wasn't sent for the first entry in a playlist that was embedded with "auto" embed.


Remove "format" parameter from client API calls.

Vast Plugin

Expose Vast ad click URL to "adClick" notification 




.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.8.7.1/kdp3.swf

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.8.7

Released - 6/23/2013

Ticket Module Description
SUP-146 Core Send flavorAssetId parameter on baseEntry.getContextData request.
SUP-261 Core Fixed thumbnail aspect ratio.


Version 3.8.6:

 Version 3.8.6.rc1:

.com URL:  http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.8.6.rc1/kdp3.swf 

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.8.6.rc1

Ticket Module Description
SUP-144 Core Added support in "disablePlayerSpinner" flashvar. Setting this flashvar will hide KDP buffer animation.
FEC-178 Core Fix bug with midrolls - sometimes, when an entry had more than one cue point, second cue point didn't play.
- ClosedCaptions Plugin Added support in color names
- ClosedCaptions Plugin Fixed bug where sometimes last selected language wasn't saved
SUP-237 Widevine Plugin referrer value was added to "getLicense" request



Version 3.8.5:

.com URL:  http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.8.5/kdp3.swf

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.8.5

Ticket Module Description
- Widevine Plugin plugin supports multi bitrate packages.
- Widevine Plugin Fixed DRM playback issue on MAC.
- Vast Plugin Allow fallback to a supported mediaFile type, if one of the mediaFiles has unsupported type.
- Vast Plugin Vast will not try to play 3gp ads
SUP-90 Annotations Plugin escape special XML characters.
FEC-167 Widevine Plugin Don't start "flavor switching" process if entry has only one flavor.
FEC-163 Core flavor drop down: display "auto" message when required.
FEC-163 AkamaiMediaAnalytics Plugin Added support in property overrides
FEC-177 Core Fix kalsig structure.
FEC-179 Widevine Plugin Fix flash exception when replaying an video that had ads.
FEC-180 Widevine Plugin Fixed flavor selector text when switching between none-mbr widevine flavors
FEC-181 Widevine Plugin Fixed seek bug in widevine entries after a bumper was played.



Version v3.8.4:

.com URL:  http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.8.4/kdp3.swf

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.8.4

Ticket Module Description
FEC-156 Vast Plugin "Skip" tracking event was added.
8255 Core Add "ks" or "referrer" when loading an image entry and passing LoadThumbnailWithKs or LoadThumbnailWithReferrer respectively.

ClosedCaptions Plugin

FlexibleClosedCaptions Plugin

Support fontsize value with "px" postfix.
7526 Core Fixed a bug with setting starting bitrate index when playing with Akamai HD delivery method.
8136 Annotations Plugin Fixed the mouse focus issues in the annotations box.
8198 Vast Plugin Fixed duplicate tracking events.


Version 3.8.4.rc1:

.com URL:  not available

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.8.4.rc1

Ticket Module Description
- Vast Plugin Vast3 support: support in ad pods, icons and additional tracking events
- Core evaluate cue points URLs - enable subsitution of kdp vars (for example {mediaProxy.entry.id}).
- Vast Plugin Fixed issues with playing VPaid ad.
8064 Widevine Plugin Fixed issue with playing Widevine content with Chrome on MAC. There's still an open issue with Safari on Mac.
- Closed Captions Plugin support in "showClosedCaptions" and "hideClosedCaptions" notifications
- Tremor Plugin Upgrade to latest acudeo.swc file.
- Core Report error to Kaltura on "Media Not Found" error.



Version v3.8:

.com URL:  http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.8/kdp3.swf

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.8

Ticket Module Description
- Vast Plugin Support VPAID ads.
6840 Vast Plugin Send vast "unmute" tracking event
7746 Core Fix player's playhead position after video ended in a session where intelli-seek (seek to an unbuffered area) was performed.
7755 CaptureThumbnail Plugin Display error message when thumb asset generation fails.
7640 Core Flavor selector labels fix: Don't display "SD Low" label more than once, even if an entry has a few low quality flavors.



Version 3.7.5:

.com URL:  Not available yet.

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.7.5

Ticket Module Description
7669 GoogleAnalytics Plugin Fixed Flash exception when urchin-code was not set.
7698 Widevine Plugin Fixed issues when pausing close to the stream end point.
- Widevine Plugin Support "flavorTags" parameter. When this parameter is set, "flavorTags" flashvar will be set on the player.
- Widevine Plugin Update error messages
- Core Remove redundant filtering and sorting on flavors response when "flavorTags" flashvar is set.
7759 Widevine Plugin Fix issues with license expiry in the middle of movie.
7758 Widevine Plugin Stop widevine stream when changeMedia is performed.
7713 Widevine Plugin Fixed issues with playing bumper before encrypted content.
7715 Widevine Plugin Fixed issues after pausing Widevine netstream in its last 10 seconds.
- Widevine Plugin Fixed netstream aspect ratio.



Version 3.7.4:

.com URL:  Not available.

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.7.4

Ticket Module Description
7607 Widevine Plugin Fixed issue with playing ads when widevine plugin exists.
7450 Widevine Plugin Fixed bug with replaying widevine flavors
7447 Widevine Plugin Fixed seek.
7541 Widevine Plugin When the Widevine connection fails, the "media not found" error is displayed instead of a Flash exception.
7487 Widevine Plugin Fixed mute / unmute functionality.
7448 Core Hide thumbnail during HTTP flavor switching.
- Core Retrieve flavors list from baseEntry.getContextData call, instead of "getWebPlayableByEntryID".
- AkamaiMediaAnalytics Plugin Don't report "plugin ready" twice, this has sometimes caused issues with loading other plugins.
7538 ClosedCaptions Plugin SRT parsing: parse last line even if file didn't end with an empty line
7500 Widevine Plugin hie buffering spinner after Widevine error occurs
- Core HTTP flavor switching enhancement: new flavor will start from last viewed point in the previous selected flavor
- AkamaiHD Plugin Get DVRwindow size from DVR Trait, this value is more accurate than what we used before.



Version 3.7.3:

.com URL:  Not available.

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/commits/v3.7.3

Ticket Module Description
- Widevine Plugin widevine development



Version 3.7.2:

.com URL:  Not available yet.

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/tree/v3.7.2

Ticket Module Description
7261 Core Player state while playing livestream after preroll ads was fixed.
- widevine plugin

Import plugin from PS.

Support "changeMedia" and dynamically evaluating plugin properties.

- Core

bindObject now exposes properties of plugins even before they are loaded (this is available after "layoutReady" notification is sent).

For example, now it is possible to evaluate properties of a plugin from javascript even if its loading policy is "onDemand" (useful for 'onPage' plugins).



Version 3.7.1:

.com URL:  Not available yet.

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/tree/v3.7.1

Ticket Module Description

Moderation Plugin

ps: Add the ability to hide the "reasons" drop down and set it to a specific value by configuration
6939 Core Fix issue where sometimes control bar remained disabled during HDS livestream playback when autoPlay was set to true
- Core

Livestream with DVR enhancements:

-Set minimum stream duration according to DVR window size

- fix "Live" button functionality

- Improve user experience when broadcasting stopped during playback

- Skin

New Dark and Light skins are available with improved "live" icons:




Version 3.7:

.com URL:  Not available yet.

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/tree/v3.7

Ticket Module Description
- Core Upgrade to OSMF 2.0
- akamaiHD Plugin use OSMF2.0 swc: AkamaiAdvancedStreamingPlugin-nologging-v2.11-osmf-v2.0.swc
- akamaiMediaAnalytics Plugin Send player load time, if it was set by javascript.
- tremor Plugin

- send entry description to tremor

- use new "acudeo.swc" provided by tremor

6885 Core

Start playback immediately after switching flavors with http delivery type.

6866 captureThumbnail Plugin

draw bitmap data only if the entry is "mix" entry.

6840 Core (Vast affected)

Vast plugin didn't report mut/unmute events because player state wasn't updated properly.



Version 3.6.17:

.com URL:http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.6.17/kdp3.swf

tag URL: https://github.com/kaltura/kdp/tree/v3.6.17

Ticket Module Description
6582 CaptureThumbnail Plugin Generating thumbnail from an mp4 video didn't work well.
- Core

"getCurrentTime" function was added to kMediaPlayerMediator. In general,in order to get real player time this function should be used by all plugins  (instead of player.currentTime). Related to QC #6852

6590 PlaylistAPI Plugin Fixed issue where sometimes playlist didn't load: "kdpEmpty" notification was sent before playlist plugin was initialized.
6752 Core Fixed bug where liveStream didn't pause if autoPlay flashvar was set.
6755 closedCaptions Plugin Fixed bug with parsing SRT files.
- Core Tooltip component was replaced.
- Core Animate the buffering spinner.



Version 3.6.16:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.6.16/kdp3.swf

Ticket Module Description
- Core Support in live stream with DVR window has been added.
6510 Core When live stream is paused the thumbnail doesn't disappear.
6499 Core An issue with image entries and opening full screen during ad playback has been fixed.
6496 Core Fix seek behavior after attempt to seek mp4 media with CDN that doesn't support this operation.

closedCaptions Plugin

closedCaptionsFlexible Plugin

Support in "reloadCaptions" notification. This notification will cause the player to reload the entry's caption assets.
5955 Core "playerSeekStart" and "playerSeekEnd" notifications are now also being sent when seek action was initiated by "doSeek" notification (previously these notifications were triggered only by KDP scrubber).
6442 akamaiHD Plugin

A new plugin was added - akamaiHDPlugin. This plugin will replace AkamaiAdvancedStreamingPlugin that is loaded by genericOSMFPlugin. From now on KDP will load akamaiHDPlugin in order to play content with "hdnetwork" streamerType.

This new plugin is compiled with AkamaiAdvancedStreamingPlugin.swf, v2.11.

- akamaiMediaAnalytics Pugin

The plugin now support two new properties: securedConfigPath, securedSwfPath.

These properties will be used when the player is using "https" protocol.

- akamaiMediaAnalytics Plugin

the following fields were changed:

1. title field now holds the entry ID and not the entry name.

2. category field now holds the content type (video/audio/image/live).



Version 3.6.15:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.6.15/kdp3.swf

Ticket Module Description
6182 Core

If a referrer was not passed from the server and the external interface is available, the referrer is retrieved.

- AkamaiMediaAnalytics Plugin

The entry duration for the AkamaiMediaAnalystics plugin should be sent in milliseconds.

- AkamaiMedaAnalytics Plugin

The flavorId parameter is now sent when the streamerType is "hdnetwork".

- CaptureThumbnail Plugin The "Processing" message text can is now configurable.
- Comscore Plugin The cs_eidr and cs_adid parameters have been added.
- NielsenVideoCensus Plugin

The c10 and c11 parameters have been added and the LP value has been fixed.


ClosedCaptions Plugin

FlexibleClosedCaptions Plugin

IOS captions are now hidden from Flash player

Tremor Plugin

The playerId must be included as the last argument in the banner callback.

RelatedView Plugin

 The "related entries" screen is not displayed when the player is set to loop

RelatedEntries Plugin

The context parameter has been added to the automatic related playlist request.


The problem with playing live stream after the preroll is skipped has been fixed.


The postroll thumbnail is now hidden after skipping it.


The "loadingPolicy=preInitialize" parameter is not supported for more than one plugin.

BitrateDetection Plugin

BW detection is performed only for vod video entries

PlaylistAPI Plugin

The PlaylistAPI Plugin now uses the api_v3 services. The new API will be used only if kpl[i]Id parameter is passed. Backward compatibility for kpl[i]Name and kpl[i]Url parameters is maintained.



Version 3.6.14:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.6.14/kdp3.swf

Ticket Module Description
6248 bitrateDetection Plugin Start checking bitrate on "readyToLoad" notification, instead of "kdpReady"/ "kdpEmpty" notifications. This way the plugin already has access to entry's flavors.
6079 playlistAPI plugin Fix bug-  after playing bumper "next entry" button always jumped to the first entry in the playlist.
- Core Support live HDS



Version 3.6.13:

.com URL: -

Ticket Module Description
5462 Core reset cue points on changeMedia
5680 Core If custom preloader is required for buffer animation, load it even if app is already running
5769 Core Fix KDP error when "loop=true"
5862 closedCaptions Plugin Unify CRs and CRLFs before breaking into lines
5764 Core Fix distorted thumbnails after full screen
- Core Support SDK 4.5 and SDK 4.6
- Core Support binding in KButton tooltip
- Core don't sample livestream (send playmanifest calls) after change media from live entry to VOD
- Core Support MP4 intelli-seek
- Core Fix initial selected index in flavor combo box, when there's no matching flavor to preferredFlavorBR
6090 Core Save preferedFlavor cookie, even when there is not flaovr selector in the player
- Core support loading akamaiHD plugin when streamerType flashvar is auto and server returns "akamaiHD" streamer type.
- Core support akamai HDS live streams
- Statistics Plugin Don't send playthrough events when playing live entry




 .com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.6.12.1/kdp3.swf

Ticket Module Description

akamai media

analytics plugin

send flavorParamsId instead of flavorAssetId as flavorId                                               



Version 3.6.12:

 .com URL: not available.

Ticket Module Description


-BitrateDetection plugin

Performance enhancement: new logic to determine when to perform bandwidth detection was added.
- Core Support in "bwInterval" flashvar. This flashvar will determine what is the minimum time interval between each bandwidth check. Value should be passed in seconds. Default value is 1800 (30 minutes).
- Core support akamai BW check with the following flashvars: hdnetworkEnableBRDetection, bandwidthEstimationPeriodInSeconds (not mandatory, default value is 2 seconds)
- Core close flavors drop down during flavor switching.
- Core fixed bug: "doReplay" was sent when preroll ended.


KalturaShare Plugin

support new "addEmbedHtml5Support" flag



Version 3.6.11:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.6.11/kdp3.swf

Ticket Module Description
- Core Revert changes from v3.6.10: include parllelElement in the compiled swf
5186 closedCaptions Plugin "xml:id" style attribute wasn't supported.
5179 closedCaptions Plugin Captions didn't load when there was no default language.
4741 statistics Plugin Fix statistics for bumper Ads.
5155 closedCaptions Plugin support in defaultLanguageKey=None



Version 3.6.10:

 .com URL: Not available.

Ticket Module Description
4923 Core Entry preview (in Edit Entry window) stuck on Live Stream player
- Core In order to reduce kdp3.swf size "parallelElement" handling was moved from Core to a new plugin: "parallelElementPlugin".
- kalturaShare Plugin ps: feature - override link with external link
- playlistAPI Plugin ps: update playlist index during changeMedia event.

-closedCaptions Plugin

-closedCaptionsFlexible Plugin

support in "xml:id" attribute

-closedCaptions Plugin

ps: allow default language by setting "defaultLanuageKey".
5119 Core "switchingMediaElementsCompleted" and "switchingMediaelementsFailed" notifications weren't sent.

-list Plugin

-relatedEntries Plugin

ps: add a few changes so related entries can be displayed with list plugin

akamaiMediaAnalytics Plugin

akamaiMediaAnalytics plugin was updated and added to core

playlistAPI Plugin

fix an issue with displaying number of votes in a playlist item



Version 3.6.9:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.6.9/kdp3.swf

Ticket Module Description
4775 Core Fix an issue where media remained disabled if "clean media" was called twice.
- PlaylistAPI Plugin PS: expose public loop parameter. Setting loop=true will loop playlist back to the beginning after last entry on list was reached.
4785 Core Fix issues with playing a mix entry.
- Core add flavorTags param to getContextData request
1870 PlaylistAPI Plugin loading playlist that was already loaded didn't trigger change media to KDP
4870 Bumper Plugin Fix clickurl bug - click on bumper didn't work.
- Core Support in "adsOnReplay" flashvar. When this flashvar is set to true, ads will be displayed on video's replay.
- Core Fix UI issues with KScrubber.

Omniture Plugin

GoogleAnalytics Plugin

Add listeners to "showAdvancedShare" notification (notification that is being dispatched when opening kalturaSharePlugin screen).


"doReplay" notification stopped working. Now it is fixed.



Version 3.6.8:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.6.8/kdp3.swf

Ticket Module Description
4679 Core fix issue where cleaning media that was disabled, and then loading a valid media, caused KDP GUI to still be disabled.
4587 kalturaShare Plugin

Add more options to configure the share screen:

  • "showFacebook"
  •  "showTwitter"
  • "showWordpress"
  •  "showLinkedIn"
  • "showLink"



Version 3.6.7:

.com URL: Not available.

Ticket Module Description

PlaylistAPI Plugin

RelatedEntries Plugin

handle loadThumbnailWithKS / loadThumbnailWithReferrer flashvars.
- Core Support "flavorTags" flashvar. When this flashvar is passed, KDP will try to play only flavors that are tagged with the passed value.
4545 Core Playlist AutoContinue didn't work
2022 Core call "disableGui" when media is cleaned from the player.
- Core

set "allowCookies" to true by default. Display "save cookies" alert only if "alertForCookies=true".

remove "hideCookiesAlert" flashvar.

 4603 Core autoPlay didn't work
4526  Core Fix timers and scrubber state after postroll
4548 Core KDP paused playback when changing flavors in http
4597 Core Allow cookies alert didn't work well with playlist



Version 3.6.6:

.com URL: Not available.

Ticket Module Description
- Core

flavor selector: fix strings, bugs around switching process.

- BitrateDetection Plugin Added
- Core Support in "hdnetworkBufferLength" flashvar.
- ErrorNotification Plugin Add current bitrate index and initial bitrate index (if available) to the error message that is sent on the error event.
3546 Core Display thumbnail on playerPlayEnd notification
3547 Vast Plugin Ads didn't play after mediaError

RelatedEntries Plugin

RelatedView Plugin

start related action only after clicking a specific item in the related list
3430 Core Fix an issue where sometimes KDP started to play after calling "changeMedia" even when autoPlay=false
1868 Core When selecting  a flavor and playing HTTP, KDP started to play even when it was paused
1721 Overlay Plugin Display recurring overlays after midrolls
1865 Bumper Plugin Fix issues when bumperEntryId was identical to KDP entryId
4098 Core Fix label truncation bug
4258 List Plugin Fix layout issue when leftScrollbar is being used (can be seen in "hover playlist")
- Core Support in "twoPhaseManifest" flashvar: KDP will parse manifest f4m itself and create the resource from the returned media URL (will be used for playing HDS)
- Core Support in "loadThumbnailWithReferrer" flashvar. When true, KDP will send an encoded referrer on the thumbnail request
  • Core
  • Vast Plugin
  • Annotations Plugin
  • BitrateDetection Plugin
  • ClosedCaptions Plugin
  • FlexibleClosedCaptions Plugin
Support in "allowCookies" flashvar. When this flashvar is not set to true, KDP will display a pop-up, asking the user to allow / disallow flash cookies. This popup can be canceled by sending "hideCookiesAlert=true" flashvar.
4442 KalturaShare Plugin Don't share the bumper entry
- Core- OSMF Fixed issues with playing tokenized URLs
- Core move streamerType, disableBitrateCookie, disableReferrerOveride, externalInterfaceDisabled handling to a later stage, where uivars can also affect the configuration.
- Core Support in "pauseAfterPreSequence" flashvar: when set to true, entry will not started after preroll sequence has ended.
- Statistics Plugin add statistics for "bufferStart" and "bufferEnd". Also send statistics when opening kalturaShare Plugin screen.



Version 3.6.5:

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.6.5/kdp3.swf

Ticket Module Description
- Core Fixed issue in Linux & FF : Sometimes KDP failed to load
- Skin

Fixed visual bug in scroll bar of the hovering playlist.

New skin location:


- KalturaShare Plugin

New kaltruaSharePlugin was added and should replace gigyaPlugin



Version 3.6.4:

.com URL: Not available.

Ticket Module Description



Overlay Plugin Added missing banner X button and now overlays are shown



Core Fixed bug where calling "clean_media" notification didn't actually cleaned the media from the player



Overlay Plugin Don't crash when overlayInterval property is not set.



Core Added "context" parameter to "playback_complete" notification body
- Skin

Skin Fixes. New skin path:



Version 3.6.3:

.com URL: Not available.

Ticket Module Description



List Plugin List Plugin was disabled when only controls were supposed to be disabled



Related Entries Plugin Support in image entries.



Related Entries Plugin Handle case where auto play delay is 0.



Core- skin

fix skin of KDP combo boxes (flavor selector, language selector).

New skin path: /content/uiconf/kaltura/kmc/appstudio/kdp3/falcon/skin/v3.6.3/KDP_Blue.swf


Version 3.6.2:

.com URL: Not Available.

Ticket Module Description
2475 (QC) Core Fix bug where after loading media with access control, and changing to a valid media, the GUI was disabled



List Plugin Fix bug where using old skin caused the list plugin to crash



Related Plugin Add related plugin to hover controllers template in KMC studio



Related Plugin Setting playlist ID as source data didn't work from the KMC studio


Core Replay after intelliseek didn't work


Core Support in "enableStagevideo" flashvar. Default value it false. When set to true, OSMF stageVideo will be enabled


Core Add new player template: Hovering Controllers Playlist


Core Add "pluginsReady" notification. Will be fired when all plugins were loaded and plugins with async initialization are ready


Version 3.6.1:

.com URL: Not Available.

Ticket Module Description
2022 (QC) Core Remove thumbnail when calling "cleanMedia"
- List Plugin KList item now supports other styles besides the default ones
15157 Download Plugin add "referrer" parameter to the download URL
- Related Plugin Don't show related screen if related data provider is empty
15352 Comscore Plugin Send c params in ascending order
1054 (QC) Core Sometimes calling "doSeek" caused the player to start playing



Version 3.6:

.com URL: Not Available.

Ticket Module Description
- Core


  • OSMF 1.6.
  • SDK 4.5.1
  • Flash player 10.2
  • HD Core Lib 2.7
  • New skin
- RelatedEntries Plugin

New plugin was added, will be used to retrieve related entries

- RelatedView Plugin

New plugin was added. Will be used to display related entries.

- Core Add "isInFullScreen" property to layoutProxy. This property indicates if the player is currently in full screen mode.
- Core Add "autoSwitchFlaovrs" property to mediaProxy. This property indicates if the player is currently configured to automatically switch between flavors.
- Core Add "setKDPAttribute" to funcsProxy. Now this function is available from the uiconf.
- Core Support in maxWidth and maxHeight on KHBox and KVBox.
- Core Flavors drop down list can now display pixels or bitrate, depends on the configuration. Added new parameter to mediaProxy: displayFlavorPixels, which determines whether to display pixels or bitrate.
- Statistics Plugin Support in new flashvars that will be passed on the stats event: playbackContext, originFeature, applicationName, and userId.
- Core Support in ignoreStreamerTypeForSeek flashvar. The main use of this flashvar is with plugins that handle the playback themselves, like Uplynk. When this flashvar is passed, the player will not try to intelli seek.
- Core

Support in new notifications:

  • SWITCHING_MEDIA_ELEMENTS_STARTED: fired when switching between two media elements has started.
  • SWITCHING_MEDIA_ELEMENTS_COMPLETED : fired when switching between two media elements has finished.
  • SWITCHING_MEDIA_ELEMENTED_FAILED: when the switching process has failed.
  • MID_SEQUENCE_EMPTY: fired when midroll sequence has started, but there are no midrolls to play.



Support in new Access Control mechanism



Support in new property that will cause the player to skip prerolls sequence : sequenceProxy.skipPrerolls



Extending the prepareMediaElement function: add the ability to add metadata on the resource, by using flashvars: metadataNamespace0, metadataValues0 etc.

Added support for the following flashvars:

  • metadataNamespace[i] = String
    This flashvar can be used to add metadata on the created resource, before the player created the media element. 
    The matching metadata values for this namespace will be passed in a different flashvar: metadataValues[i] (the i number should match this flashvar i value).
  • metadataValues[i] = String
    This flashvar can be used to add metadata on the created resource, before the player created the media element. The metadata namespace is passed on metadataNamespace[i].
    The syntax of this flashvar is comma separated key=value strings. each key=value string represents a new metadata value.

For example:
(encoded value of first=one,second=two,third=three)

From a plugin developers can set the flashvars through configProxy.vo.flashvars, and there’s no need to encode the values.


DoubleClick Plugin

PS: after user clicks on ad, send user directly to video.  another window will open taking the user to the ad.


PlaylistAPI Plugin

PS: added 2 attributes:
mixList - to mix the order of the visible list
shuffle - to play entries in a random order (endless)



Version 3.5.55

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.5.55/kdp3.swf

Ticket Module Description
14941 Core Add "smoothing = true" to all media elements and not only video elements. This fix can be seen when playing HD Akamai content.
- Core Access Control: Add special handling when "isUserAgentRestricted = true". A special message will be displayed instead of "media not found" message.
14918 Core Fixed issue in Firefox 3.6: if wmode was different from "window", KDP didn't load.
14850 Core Improve label text truncation.
15068 Core Fix "emptyContextMenu" flashvar handling. KDP ignored the value that was sent on this flashvar.
15224 Core Support in a new flashvar: "reloadOnPlayLS". When setting this flashvar to true KDP will reload the media when resuming live stream play.
- Core Set "clientDefaulMethod" flashvar value at an earlier stage. Before this change the first multirequest api call wasn't affected by this flashvar (can be seen when playing KDP without kdp3wrapper or kwidget action).


Version 3.5.54

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.5.54/kdp3.swf

Ticket Module Description
- PPT Widget Fixed issue where opening full screen always changed the selected slide to be the first one
- Core Added support in manifestParam and manifestParamValue flashvars. These flashvars allow the user to add parameters on the playManifest URL
- Core Added new functions to FuncProxy: "and", "or" and "encodeURIComponent". These functions are available from external interface too.
- Core A new component was added to the core components: KList, based on List.
- 508 Player New skin. The location of the new skin: /content/uiconf/kaltura/kmc/appstudio/kdp3/eagle/skin/v3.5.54/skin508.swf



Version 3.5.53.a

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.5.53.a/kdp3.swf

Ticket Module Description
- FreeWheel Plugin Fixed Issues with pre-rolls when sourceType was "URL" and not "entryId".
14247 PlaylistAPI Plugin Added support in new property: "initItemEntryId" - determines the entryId to start from.
- 508 Player New skin was created. Previous skin had redundant "registerFont" action that caused exception in KMC. The location of the new skin: /content/uiconf/kaltura/kmc/appstudio/kdp3/eagle/skin/v3.5.52/skin508.swf
1670 (QC) Fader Plugin Added support in "includeForeground" attribute. This attribute determines if foreground should also be included in objects that will be faded out.
14744 Core Fixed bug in "metadataProfileId": passing this flashvar caused KDP to request metadata profile instead of metadata data.
14649 Core Added workaround for OSMF bug: sometimes the player would go into "buffering" state, though it was still playing and not buffering. The outcome was that sometimes the buffering spinner was shown even while video was playing.
- (PS) PlaylistAPI Plugin Added a new notification: "playlistAutoMoveNext" - this notification is dispatched when the next playlist item is selected automatically.
- AudioDescription Plugin Fixed issue where binding "file" value to custom data field didn't work.
- Core "kalsig" parameter was added to all the requests KDP sends.


Version 3.5.52

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.5.52/kdp3.swf

Ticket Module Description
14375 DoubleClick Plugin Retain original ad's ratio during fullscreen and normal screen state. 
- Core The "volumeChangedEnd" notification was added. This notification is sent when the volume change process has ended (user finished dragging the volume slider).
14518 PlaylistAPI Plugin It is now possible to re-load the playlist content without refreshing the page by calling a new notification:"loadPlaylist" notification.
14581 Core Save volume to flash cookie when "volumeChangedEnd" notification is sent.
12089 List Plugin We now support "listDisabledAlpha" attribute on listPlugin.
- PPT Widget Screen

The loading animation is displayed while the presentation is being loaded.

In addition, a new flag is available: "isLoading". Carousel plugin visibility should be bound to this flag, in the following way:


- AudioDescription Plugin

It is now possible to play audio description without having to send the flashvars: audiodescription.state, audiodescription.volume, audiodescription.file.

These values can be configured from the uiconf.


Version 3.5.51

.com URL: Not available.

Ticket Module Description
14372 Core Fixed seek problem. You can now seek before you click first play.
14465 Core Fixed access control issue. When "Free Preview" ends the player buttons will be disabled.
- Core Fixed issue with custom data where KDP wasn't loaded if "requiredMetadataFields" flash-var was sent and the played entry had no custom data values.
- Core Fixed buffer animation. Sometimes the animation disappeared before the buffer process had actually ended.
- Core Support was added to "debugLevel" flash-var to control amount of flash traces.
14533 Statistics Plugin Fixed bug where statistics play through events (play 25%, play 50%, play 75% and play 100%) weren't sent properly in playlists. After events were sent for one entry, they weren't sent for the following entries.



Version 3.5.50

.com URL: http://www.kaltura.com/flash/kdp3/v3.5.50/kdp3.swf

Ticket Module Description
14233 PPT Widget Fixed carousel UI. The carousel thumbnail will be disabled while an ad / bumper is running.
14355 Annotation Tool Fixed issue where "edit annotation" event wasn't triggered.
- Core Improved Flash traces. Time stamps and current play head position were added to the KDP notifications traces.


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