Kaltura Video Tool for Blackboard Ultra

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Introduction to the Kaltura Video Tool for Blackboard Ultra

The Kaltura platform supports an end to end video strategy seamlessly integrated into Blackboard's Learning Managment System (LMS)  that students and faculty are already familiar with. With Kaltura integrated into Blackboard pages, discussions, assignments and more, students, faculty ,and staff can use the Kaltura Video Tools to posts videos anywhere in the course.

Blackboard Ultra is deployed on SaaS only. In addition to LTI compliance, the following lists the key benefits of the Blackboard Ultra integration with Kaltura's platform:  

  • Videofy and enhance your learning experience easily create, edit, caption, upload and embed videos, as well as use interactive video quizzing to make your learning experience more effective and engaging. 
  • Integrate Seamlessly with simple setup and continuous access to new features and updates. There is no need for installation or to contact Blackboard support to install.  
  • See the full picture:
    • View video analytics on a personal level, course level or university level.  
    • (Future**): Easily ingest your video analytics into your LMS through Caliper analytics, to see your video analytics as part of your overall campus KPIs.    

The key features in this integration include

  • Uploading and publishing videos from your personal media repository – easily access My Media from the main toolbar, to upload and publish videos to a course Media Gallery or a specific lesson.  
  • Adding a Media Gallery to your course (via Course tool bar, Course space).    
  • Embedding a single video to a course/lesson  using the Browse, Search and Embed Tool (Kaltura Embed in Content Market).     
  • Connecting video quiz results directly into your gradebook  create an interactive video quiz that automatically integrates into your gradebook using the Browse, Search and Embed Tool (Kaltura Embed in Content market)      

Kaltura Tool for Blackboard Ultra Documentation Guides

The following documentation is available for Kaltura's Tool for Blackboard Ultra:



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