Kaltura Video Editing Tools - Help Tab

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Kaltura Video Editing Tools Help Tab

This article describes how to use the Kaltura Video Editing Toolls Help Tab and is intended for KMS/KAF users that want to edit quizzes, or edit, clip or trim media. 

Help – Accessibility Shortcuts

Kaltura Video Editing Tools contain the Help Question icon that opens accessibility shortcuts. These shortcuts are very useful to create clips and trim your videos. Click on the icon to open and close the Help information.


The Kaltura Video Editing Tools' Help contains:

  1. Link to the User Manual
  2. Accessibility shortcuts
  • The shortcuts are adapted to your OS. If you are on MAC, the MAC shortcuts are displayed. If on Windows, the Windows shortcuts are displayed.
  • The shortcuts are contextual for the tab you are in. If you are working in the Quiz Tab, the relevant shortcuts are displayed. If you are in the Editor Tab, the relevant shortcuts are displayed.  


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