Kaltura Search Module User Guide

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Introduction to the Kaltura Media Search

Developed specifically for video to address video’s unique findability challenges, the Kaltura Media Search searches through all regular, custom and temporal metadata, and adheres to content entitlements.

The search results are unified, meaning that by searching for a keyword, the results from all metadata fields are returned in one symmetry search through all data.

Search results are rendered visually with the search string highlighted for each entry. The search is used for multiple use cases: "classical" full text search, analytics, auto completer, spell checker, alerting engine, and as a general-purpose document store.

For Administrative information on the search in KMS and KAF applications see the Kaltura Search Module - Administrator's Guide article.


The following topics provide information about the Kaltura Media Search in KMS and KAF applications:

Advanced search information can be found in the Advanced Search article.


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