Kaltura Scheduling Administrator's Guide

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This guide is intended for KMS and KAF administrators.

Activating the Kaltura Scheduling Feature in Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS) and Kaltura Application Framework (KAF)

Kaltura Scheduling is managed by KMS and KAF system administrators in the Admin area accessed from <Base_URL>/admin (e.g. https://videos.mediaspace.kaltura.com/admin)

To enable and configure the Kaltura Scheduling module

Configure Kaltura Scheduling (Recscheduling Module) in KMS and KAF

To enable the Recscheduling module in KMS/KAF

  1. Login to the application Configuration Management window.
  2. Scroll down and select the Recscheduling module in the Modules/Custom/core section.

    The Recscheduling Administration page is displayed.
  3. In the Enabled field, select Yes to enable the Recscheduling module.
  4. Select or enter values for the relevant fields and click Save.




Enable the Rescheduling module.


Allow scheduling of 'Lecture Capture + Live' events.


Select specific users/groups who are allowed to schedule events.


Download a resources list of resources already defined in your system


Upload a resource definition file. See here for more information.


Add additional root categories as a publishing destination for scheduled recordings. Note that all categories under additional root categories will be viewable by the users creating scheduled recordings. 
This option is only relevant to Kaltura MediaSpace publishing workflows for events.


NOTE: The time zone for the Recording Schedule module is determined based on the time zone setting under the Application module. 

Allowed Users- Scheduling Administrator's Group

An "allowed user" can see and edit all events, past and future, in the organization, even ones the user did not create. To ensure that all scheduling admins can see all events, a dynamic Scheduling Administrator's Group has been set up internally to ensure that the current list of scheduling admins can see events and have access to the module. The group is maintained in the Kaltura platform and is not exposed.The following personas are examples of the allowed users that may be configured to schedule events: 

  1. A main administrator's group that performs all the scheduling for devices. This is performed once at the beginning of a semester as a concentrated effort. This team is usually also the one responsible for the devices themselves. 
  2. Each department has an admin who's responsible for scheduling recordings for their school staff. The overall operation is overseen by the main admin of the institution. 
  3. Professors can set and request recordings for their courses and add metadata as well. 

To set permissions (allowed users)

  1. In the KMS Management Console select the Recscheduling Module.
  2. Enable the Recscheduling Module.
  3. In the allowedusers section, select specific users that will have permissions to schedule events.

    Only users that are available on your KMS/KAF instance may be added. You can use the auto-complete function (from 3rd letter and on). The permissions are identical to the role mapping for the LMS. Click +Add allowedUsers to add additional users. 


Resources in Kaltura Scheduling are mapped to capture devices. Each capture device has a unique resource in Kaltura. To better understand how this works, you can imagine booking a conference room using Outlook. The room is defined as a resource and can be added to the calendar invite in order to reserve it. Similarly, a capture device is added as a resource to an event. Adding a resource to an event defines which capture device (or which classroom) should be recorded at this time. 

To upload a resources file

  1. In the KMS Management Console select the Recscheduling Module.
  2. Enable the Recscheduling Module.
  3. In the manageResources field click Upload a resource definition file (.csv) The list should contain all available resources for recording, the device name, and the device location.

To view the resources that are currently defined in the system

  1. In the KMS Management Console select the Recscheduling Module.
  2. Enable the Recsheduling Module.
  3. In the exportResources field click Download the Resources list.

Publishing Categories 

Once an event is scheduled, the user can also choose to configure publishing settings for the resulting recording. For example, a user configures a recurring event to capture course Biology 101, every Wednesday from 1pm-3pm. The user would like to set the publishing category for the resulting recording as the relevant course in KAF, so that after the recording is available, it will automatically be published to the course gallery. For this purpose, the user scheduling the event must define the categories for the resulting recording when creating the event. 

The Recschdeuling module is the first module at Kaltura to introduce the ability to publish across Kaltura applications. Scheduling admins can choose whether to use KAF or MediaSpace to manage the recording schedule. 

When using KAF, the available categories for publishing the recording will depend on the user's entitlement to view those courses. This is a setting defined through the LTI integration with the LMS. 

NOTE: Categories in the LMS are only created after content is uploaded. If a KAF category does not appear when publishing from KMS, contact Kaltura Customer Care to ensure that all KAF categories are available for publishing scheduled recordings via KMS. 

When using KMS, the available categories for publishing are only the categories/channels to which entitlements of Contributor or higher are defined. The A Scheduling admin may choose to use KMS to manage the recording schedule, however, they can still publish to a course that appears in the LMS (under the KAF root category). For example, the scheduling admin can choose to enable a Blackboard root category (KAF building block for Blackboard). As a result, when creating an event, the admin will be able to choose any course under the BlackBoard root category as a publishing destination for the recording, in addition to any KMS channel or category. 

To add root categories for publishing (KMS only) 

  1. In the KMS Management Console select the Recscheduling Module.
  2. Enable the Recscheduling Module.
  3. In the additionalRootCategories field select the root categories that you would like to publish your recorded events to.
  4. Click Save.

Verify that you have Activated the Kaltura Scheduling Feature

To verify that selected users can schedule an event


  • Login to KMS.
    My Schedule should display in the User Login drop down menu. 


  • Login to your KAF application.
    My Schedule should display on the My Media Page.
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