Kaltura REACH Setup and Walkthrough Guide

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Kaltura REACH for KMC Based Workflows 

Integration for KMC can be setup either as a ‘tag’, ‘category’, or ‘new entry’ based integration based on preference. Tags/Categories are configured to a particular fidelity, turnaround time, and language and when added to a video with process with those parameters (ex. ‘caption48’ = English, 99% Fidelity, 48HR Turnaround). Tags/Categories can be added to the video on an individual or bulk basis. Once finished the completed files automatically return to the video.


Kaltura REACH for MediaSpace Customers

Kaltura REACH for MediaSpace includes a rich end-user interfaces that provides tools for ordering transcription / subtitling for entries, editing captions using a rich web based captions editor, moderation of requests for spend control and more.

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