Kaltura REACH Release Notes

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This document contains the release notes for the Kaltura REACH suite for Video Discovery, Search, and Accessibility.

Kaltura REACH is a video discovery, search, and accessibility suite that helps organizations deliver the best video experiences for every audience group across every device. The suite supports captioning, transcription and translation services, in-video and cross-library search and discovery, deep-linking capabilities, and metadata and keyword extraction. With Kaltura REACH, organizations can access global audiences, comply with government regulations and industry standards, and capture accurate data.

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Release Notes List

Version Date Released Details
2.4 May, 2018 Details
2.3 Aug. 2017 Details
2.2 July, 2017 Details
2.1 Feb. 2017 Details
2.0 Jan. 2016 Details
1.0 Sept. 2015 Details

Version 2.4 

These release notes are applicable for the Kaltura REACH Cielo24 KMS Plugin, version 2.4 released on May 2018.

What's New in This Release

  • A new configuration setting has been added in the KMS Admin, Cielo24 module. The field name - MaxCaptionRequestWindow allows customers to specify the maximum data range for the Caption Requests page data - captions moderation table.

This setting is used to determine the filter for data retrieved and presented in the captions table.

The options are - "Last 24 hours", "Last 7 days", "Last 1 month", "Last 12 months", and the default is set to "Last 1 month."

For example, if set to "Last 7 days", only captions request from the previous week will be presented in the table.

Note, that regardless of the filtering chosen on the Caption Requests page, the requests presented in the table will only be populated based on this setting.

This setting also sets the default for the aggregated stats section, the date range can be refreshed for any time period. 

  • SUP-13597 - The captions requests table can be accessed and captions' requests can be reviewed.  
  • The Notes field was removed from the order form when fidelity is Mechanical. The note information is currently not in used for ASR captions only.
  • The priority turnaround time for foreign translation has been changed from 48 hours to 72 hours in the caption order form, to account for Standard translation processing time for priority requests.Similarly, the admin page has updated verbiage to explain the difference between translation and transcription turnaround times.

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Version 2.3 

These release notes are applicable for the Kaltura REACH cielo24 KMS Plugin, version 2.3 released August 2017.

Resolved Issues


Captions may now be ordered for Webcast entries.
The "Co-editor" option has been added to the allowView permissions under the Cielo24 configuration.  The Co-editor option addition results from merging the "view captions requests" and "edit captions" screens.
Users with Edit permissions (allowEdit)  are also allowed to view caption requests (allowView)

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Version 2.2 

These release notes are applicable for the Kaltura REACH cielo24 KMS Plugin, version 2.2 released on July 2017.

Resolved Issues


The Speaker ID option is now only displayed when the source language is English.

Editing captions on the KMS New UI (GUI issue) is working properly.

GUI issues - the overlapping problem has been resolved.

Users with turnaroundTimeOverride permission are no longer able to order translation and speaker name whenthe mechanical caption options are selected. 

The issue when multiple captions were ordered for the same entry, the due date of each request reflected the the last completed caption's complete date has been corrected.

The "Pending caption request" was changed to "Caption requests", and the title "Caption Approval" was changed to "Caption Requests" .

On the Caption approval page in KMS - the ability to search within the fields: Video name, Video ID and Finish date  has been added. 

A message to the user was added when authentication fails - "cielo24 authentication error: please contact an administrator to verify the credentials in your cielo24 Module".

A message has been added for the KMS admin and MediaSpace users that turnaround time is not ajustable for mechanical requests.

The "Caption Requests" and "Edit Captions" pages have been combined to one with the ability to edit the captions. (The "complete" column is linkable.)

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Version 2.1 

These release notes are applicable for the Kaltura REACH cielo24 KMS Plugin, version 2.1 released on Februrary 2017.

 What's New in This Release

  • Caption Editor - allow bulk editing:
    • The Bulk Edit Tool may be used to modify text in your caption files, for example as changing all occurrences of Sara to Sera
  • Caption Editor - change timestamps:
    • The process for editing sentence timestamps has been simplified in this version.

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Version 2.0 

These release notes are applicable for the Kaltura REACH cielo24 KMS Plugin, version 2.0 released on January 2016.


 What's New in This Release

  • Moderation Features and Updates:
    • The ability to change TurnAround Time (Priority) and Fidelity (Accuracy) of requested jobs within moderation step (approval process) has been added.
    • Captioning Approval Filters:  Ability to filter caption requests. Filtering is now available for all applicable fields (by ‘Requester’, Fidelity, TAT, Lang, Status, date range)
    • Display aggregate minutes per service type at to the top of the Moderation plugin: summary of the minuted processed categorized by Fidelity is shown on the top the table displaying the captioning requests.
    • The ability to control Moderation (‘Require Customer Authorization') via Admin setting has been added.
  • Updated functionality for Caption Ordering, View, and Edit:
    • The ability to allow 'role' configurable permission options to 'view' previous caption requests was added
    • The capability to display all caption requests in KMS for editing purposes including made jobs requested via the KMC was added
    • The capability to provide a customer specific 'Caption Ordering instructions' for the 'Caption Ordering' form was added
  • Machine Enhancments:
    • The ability to order captions in 6 languages for Machine transcription in 'Caption Ordering' form was added
    • The ability to disable/enable Moderation for Machine transcription in the admin module (override account level moderation for Machine) was added
      • Note: With Moderation disabled and the updated integration all new videos in the account can be automatically Machine transcribed without having to request on a per-video basis
  • Speaker ID:
    • The ability to control which roles can request speaker name when in 'Caption Ordering' was added
    • The ability to request speaker name identification when ordering captions using ‘Add Speaker Names’ checkbox was added
  • Enhanced Captions and Media Intelligence:
    • The ability to disable/enable displaying Keywords and Topics extracted from the video as tags was added
    • The default caption file format form was updated SRT to DFXP
    • The ability to provide global notes (including glossary of terms) to be used during transcription of videos was added
    • The ability to add a co-editor to edit captions for a video using the 'allowEdit' field was added

Resolved Issues


Mechanical selections now only display options available for use with a Mechanical fidelity job

The 'Admin' configuration was rearranged to better group like options for module

Foreign language copy updates were made

The issue causing incorrect 'complete' date for processed caption requests has been resolved

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Version 1.0

These release notes are applicable for the Kaltura REACH cielo24 KMS Plugin, version 1.0 released on September 07, 2015.

What's New in This Release

  • Auto Provisioning - Functionality has been added to auto provision new accounts.
    • A CLICK HERE option has been added so that new users are able to link to unregistered accounts.
    • A pop-up form for customer sign-up with instructions to upload a sample video is now available.
    • The registration form automatically creates a cielo24 account linked to a Kaltura account.
    • The plugin is "active" after the form is submitted using the default configuration settings.
  • KAF support: 
    • The Moderation menu for Pending Caption Requests has been moved to "My Media".
  • Customer Edit Tool and Permissions Updates:
    • Support has been added for configuring role-based permissions for caption editing.
    • The Edit Captions option has been added in the  'Action' tab  for permitted users:
      • Selecting Edit Captions directly launches the customer Edit Tool.
      • Completed stage caption requests are hyperlinked to launch the customer Edit Tool.
    • The View Captions options has been added in 'Action' tab:
      • Selecting View Caption Request displays the pending, processing, and completed caption requests.
  • Default Configuration Selection Updates for New Users:
    • Fidelity choices have been updated: the "self-caption in Amara" option has been removed.
    • Default values for Fidelity have been set to uncheck Premium as the default.
    • Default values for Turnaround times have been set to default available in REACH packages.
    • Mechanical Fidelity now sets the turnaround time automatically, and removes the display for the user.

Resolved Issues

ID# Summary


The logo no longer needs to be enabled to edit captions and add edit permissions.


An erroneous error is no longer displayed when waiting for KMS moderation approval following successful approval.


The caption's label is set automatically; there is no need to set the caption label from the API.


Columns now display correctly when only Fidelity and Turnaround time are exposed.


Language codes for Hebrew, Japanese, Korean now render properly.


The "owner only" role privilege setting for caption ordering is now working properly.

Limitations & Known Issues


This issue has been fixed, and will appear in te next update: Use moduleHeadLink/moduleHeadScript() instead of headLink/headScript()

This issue has been fixed, and will appear in the next update: Convert cielo24 API PST times to Kaltura server time, and display the timezone

This issue has been fixed, and will appear in the next update: Blank 'ok' box that appears after approving moderation.

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