Kaltura REACH Media Intelligence and Interactive Transcript Widget

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The transcription services REACH includes are media data (timed transcripts) intelligence, (topics, keywords, adwords)  to enhance your content ROI by powering content discovery, engagement, ad targeting, and asset management.

In addition, REACH has an interactive transcript widget leveraging REACH proprietary media data available for select integrations. The functionality include the ability to search within videos as well as:

  • Interactive transcript experience. The transcript is time stamped and synchronized to the video frame.
  • Displays REACH media intelligence including topics, keywords and AdWords.
  • Multi-language support for native captions and foreign language subtitles.
  • Content search with heat map including words, topics, keywords, and entities.
  • For videos with multiple speakers identified, speaker search by color coded heat map and time stamps.
  • Complete customization including custom settings like social sharing, and transcript download.
  • Configurable social sharing of selected videos down to the specific caption across sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Ability to download and print transcripts including speakers and time stamps.



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