Kaltura Player- Editing/Deleting Chapters and Slides for Webcast Events

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Editing Chapters and Slides 

Contact your Kaltura Account Manager to activate the relevant Kaltura modules on your account.

You can easily navigate through video content using slides and chapters in Kaltura Players using the Navigation Menu. You can add, edit, and delete chapters and slides when editing videos through the Kaltura media portals. 

Slides are automatically created when a presentation is recorded using Kaltura Webcasting. 

Using Chapters in Kaltura Videos

Chapters are like bookmarks in the video and can be used to navigate through the video. You can use chapters to mark the beginning of a new topic, highlight important segments, or help navigate through the content of a long video.


Using Slides to Enhance the Kaltura Video Experience 

Slides are part of the video content, and viewers can view the slides in the player simultaneoulsly with the lecture. Using the Navigation Panel, you can navigate the video using the slides. Slides are automatically created when the presentation is recorded during the Webcast event. 

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