Kaltura Personal Capture Administrator's Guide

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This guide provides information on how to enable and setup Kaltura Personal Capture. This guide is intended for KMS and KAF administrators.

Kaltura Personal Capture offers different installation options that Admins can choose from depending on their organization use cases such as:

Installing Kaltura Personal Capture

To get started you will need to enable the Kaltura Personal Capture module in your Kaltura MediaSpace or KAF admin.  See Enabling Kaltura Personal Capture for more information.

Make sure you comply with the prerequisites and system requirements - see Kaltura Personal Capture - Prerequisites and System Requirements.

After the module is enabled your users will be able to download Kaltura Personal Capture, install the application and start recording - see Installing Kaltura Personal Capture to learn how to download and install Kaltura Personal Capture on your laptop.


Kaltura Personal Capture can be configured according to your requirements. Kaltura Personal Capture Settings include the list of configurable settings you can edit according to your use case. These settings can be edited through the config files during installation. User settings are also available in the application. For more information see Kaltura Personal Capture Settings.


Kaltura Personal Capture auto-upgrades to the latest version when the app is running and idle. If you deployed Kaltura Personal Capture through SCCM, you will need to upgrade manually.


If you would like to view the logs or the local recording, you can see a directory of the files and folders created with the application, and learn where to find the logs and local recordings.

See Kaltura Personal Capture Folder Directory for more information.

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